Tuesday, April 12, 2016


The United Nations Climate Summit COP21, that took place in Paris in the end of 2015, was a historically positive conference, where our world leaders promised to reduce CO2 and other greenhouse gasses.
To put focus on what the goals now are, and what they will do for the future of our world, the message of urgency will brought to New York during Earth Day on Union Square.

This is done with the revealing of the Sculpture “Unbearable” by the Danish artist Jens Galshiøt with his iconic speared Polar Bear. The peak of the spear represents the 2015 global CO2 levels. It is Intentional Art, with a clear and sharp message about the world we are living in. 

The New York version will be the one currently on display in the offices of  Mogens Lykketoft, who is the President of the General Assembly at the United Nations in New York.

The large scale version that was also in Paris, will be installed in front of the Danish Parliament.

The above video with Uffe Elbæk from The Alternative about the plans for the installation in Copenhagen.

There will also be a Bike Parade on the Copenhagen Bike Lanes, lead on by the former Cultural Minister of Denmark, now leader of the new Green Danish party “The Alternative” Uffe Elbæk. He is also in town to Feel the Bern!

Other than driving on the Danish Biomega Bike on the Copenhagen Lanes, he will hold a speech on Union Square at 4pm, where Earth Day New York takes place annually. Here he will address our global climate challenges, and how we in a very concrete way can reduce our own carbon footprint, with inspiration from some of the conclusions made at COP21.

The Polar Bear CO2 Earth Day Ride is open for all and the participants are encouraged to wear clothes that in some ways can be seen as Polar Bearish. It is an initiative and Intentional Art Project in collaboration between CO2 Green Drive, Times-Up, The Museum of Reclaimed Urban Space, The Treehouse Factory and Earth Day New York and is part of New York City’s “Car Free Earth Day” campaign.

The route in Downtown Manhattan will be in the Shape of CO2, and will be virtually “painted” with the help of a GPS APP from the Intentional Art Project CO2 Green Drive. The above image is from the Web Interface created by legendary APP programmer GILVADER

The idea behind POLAR BEAR EARTH DAY CO2 RIDE, is to create a intentional public interactive climate awareness performance in a public space, joining creative forces between various New York and Danish activists groups. The first version of the CO2 Green Drive took place in Copenhagen in 2009 with Electric Cars, in connection to the UN Climate Summit COP15. Since then, it has been performed globally over 30 times with Electric Cars, Bikes and Runners. (above drawing by Jesper Hyuk Larsen)

Earth Day New York takes place annually on Union Square. There are numerous environmental organizations present, with booths and green exhibitions, musical performances and various activities for spring longing New Yorkers. All participants in the RIDE, will when they arrive back from the route, be served organic food by Turkish celebrity chef Dilara Erbay from The Triangle Project.

Be part of the Polar Bear CO2 Earth Day Ride! Go to the Facebook event page HERE!

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