Friday, November 28, 2008

Project Better Place Video

Better Place is a venture-backed company that aims to reduce global dependency on oil through the creation of a market-based transportation infrastructure that supports electric vehicles, providing consumers with a cleaner, sustainable, personal transportation alternative. The main obstacle to the mass adoption of electric cars is driving range and costly batteries. Better Place eliminates these barriers through the use of swappable batteries to extend the range of the car and by owning the batteries directly so the driver doesn’t have to. With an infrastructure of battery charging spots and battery exchange stations, drivers experience the feeling of infinite range at a cost less than the cost of driving an internal combustion engine (ICE) car.

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The Big Ask: Climate change, "ACT NOW!"

On 10th August, more than 6,000 people took part in the recording of The Big Ask-video clip at Ostende on the Belgian coast. This was the largest event against climate change ever organised in Belgium. The CO2 E - Race is working on the same premises: Many people sharing the intent of making a change and ACT NOW.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

TTXGP - World's First Clean Emission Carbon Free Grand Prix

TTXGP is about competitive innovation. Pushing the frontier and making the next leap. TTXGP allows different technologies, systems and methods battle for supremacy on some of the most glorious motorsport venues in the world. In a market place of free ideas, TTXGP is where you get your vision of the future valued.

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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Dodge Viper 500 hp Vs Tzero Electric Car

Only about 15% of the energy from the fuel you put in your tank gets used to move your car down the road or run useful accessories, such as air conditioning. The rest of the energy is lost to engine and driveline inefficiencies and idling. Therefore, the potential to improve fuel efficiency with advanced technologies is enormous. With an Electric Car it costs just $2.00 per 100kms with MUCH more performance than with petrol at $20.00 per 100kms. (from 2006!)
Detroit News: Dodge ZEO Concept

With the name ZEO being an acronym for, Zero Emissions Operation, Chrysler continues to beat the green drum with the sporty Dodge ZEO Concept.
Saab 9-X Biofuel Hybrid Solar Electric Concept Car

Renewable energy concept car uses a solar panel to assist with charging the hybrid battery. Engine runs on combination of battery electric motor and biofuel combustion engine.
Belt Drive Vs. Direct Drive on Turntables

Same concept can be applied to the Fossil Fuel Cars and Electric Cars
MINI E at the L.A. Auto Show Nov 2008

The BMW Group will be the world's first manufacturer of premium automobiles to deploy a fleet of some 500 all-electric vehicles for private use in daily traffic.
E - Scalextric

..and the Largest track in the world

The majority of Scalextric Products are 1:32 scale, though between 1968 and 1970 Super124 cars and track were manufactured at 1:24 scale. In the late Nineties, Micro Scalextric at 1:64 scale was introduced.[1] Cars and track are not compatible between scales; however 1950s models should run on modern Scalextric track and vice versa.[2]

At the beginning of the 21st century Scalextric did a major redesign to make the track easier to assemble. The new design is known as Scalextric Sport. Scalextric Sport track can be connected to the classic design of track using special adaptor pieces
IBM Study: Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Placing an added emphasis on corporate social responsibility and ensuring it is at the core of a business' strategy can yield financial benefits, according to a study from IBM. The survey, "Attaining Sustainable Growth Through Corporate Social Responsibility," indicates many companies now view CSR as a growth opportunity and not just a regulatory compliance. Sixty-eight percent of those surveyed say they are using CSR activities to help generate revenue. In addition, many companies also view these types of initiatives as a way to gain a competitive advantage and access new business opportunities. Increased awareness by consumers on issues from climate change to product safety is, in part, driving corporate concern for these issues, according to the survey. In turn, the increased visibility of corporate behavior is influencing consumers' decisions on what to buy and who to buy from, who to work for, who to partner with and where to invest. The survey is based on responses from top executives at more than 250 companies worldwide.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

If the Vatican Can, so Can We!

The first solar panels have been installed on top of the papal audience hall at Vatican City. Pope Benedict XVI's has made conserving the Earth's resources an important concern of his papacy. The plan is to make the Vatican State the first CO2 neutral state in the world. Does the Pope wear a green hat? No, but it's still funny.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


...and his speech to MoveOn PAC on Energy Independence
(from 2006!)

Sunday, November 2, 2008


Tesla Roadster drifts around corner with Mercedes Mclaren SLR, Ferrari F430, 1963 Corvette Stingray and Yamaha Motorcycle on the streets of L.A.
From a Youtube channel

More on the Tesla HERE

Electric car Developed by prof. Hiroshi Shimizu.
More about the Eliica HERE

Genepax Co Ltd from Japan developed the technologies used in the new fuel cell system "Water Energy System (WES)," which uses water as a fuel and does not emit CO2. The system can generate power just by supplying water and air to the fuel and air electrodes.