Wednesday, November 6, 2013


CAR-Manila, organized by Clean Air Asia, Partnership for Clean Air, CO2 Green Drive and Electric Vehicles Association of the Philippines (eVAP), will be held on November 29th, 2013 

The tag in Manila will be "AIR" and will be done by Electric Cars, Bikes and various other green vehicles

The Eagle Electric Vehicle from the Phillipines by the Phillipino engineer Gerry Caroro is if nothing else, Green

This version of the Eagle even has winged doors, DeLorean styles

Laern more about the Eagle in above video

The original CO2 Neutral form of transportation in Manila, called a Kalesa

The so called "Side Car Boys" of Manila are also a classic way of transportation in the streets. I strongly suggest to see the above video about the heroes on bikes.

The Legendary King of the Manila Streets called The Jeepney

Learn all about the Jeepney in above video

Now the Electric Jeepney can be seen on the streets of Manila

Above video about the Electric Jeepney

The Philippines will build an electric vehicle industry using a $300 million ADB loan, reducing carbon dioxide emissions by 260,000 tons and doubling incomes for tricycle drivers.

See more about the Tri-cycles in above video

Street Art Mural in Manila

Stay Tuned for more about CAR MANILA coming soon!

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