Wednesday, April 16, 2014


Plans are taking shape for the first version of the "e" tag with bikes in connection to Earth Day New York 2014. The previous 3 years, the tag has been done with Electric Cars but this time around it is time for a new TAG and another vehicle. It should also be said that the artist behind CO2 Green Drive (Jacob Fuglsang Mikkelsen) have done the "E" tag on a bike twice in the past.

In 2013, it was done on the above handmade stainless steel Bike from AOI Bicycles.

The 2014 "e" Tag will be done on the bike lanes (AKA Copenhagen Lanes)  around Union Square.

The Mr Green Crew will as always be involved, both for the bike activities and as part of the "Green Car Catwalk Performance" on Union Square. In above image from Times Square in 2011, they are holding the Danish "eco2bike" that on Earth Day New York 2015 will particpate with a large scale installation of bikes.

 Plans are also taking shape to collaborate with New York's Bike Activist Group TIME'S UP.
The above flyer is from one of their "Love Your Lane" Valentins events.

They were also part of the Occupy Wall Street activities where they installed Bikes that could charge electronics for the people in Zuccotti Park. More about it HERE

Time's Up & Visual Resistance have been installing "Ghost Bikes" around the New York area for many years. They are bicycles painted white with plaques placed above them to recognize deceased cyclists. 

NYC Street Memorial Project installs ghost bikes in NYC and maintains the website which includes ghost bike projects throughout the world.  The memorials are intended to honor cyclists killed on New York's streets and to remind drivers to use caution and be aware of bicycles. 

More about Time's Up HERE

Saturday, March 1, 2014


A total of 260½ electric vehicles were united to drive in unison outside of Norway’s capital city of Oslo on August 31 2013.
“Starting from Maridalen in outer Oslo, the world’s cleanest and quietest automotive gathering of all time followed a pre-determined 4km route and was monitored by two-camera carrying drones to ensure that all vehicles were moving simultaneously and qualified for the new world record.”

This number is 35½ higher than the previous record set solely by Nissan LEAFs on the Silverstone circuit in the UK in 2012.
Norway’s record has been set by the Electric Vehicle Union (EVU) and Norwegian EV Association in Norway.
Almost half of the vehicles (128½) were LEAFs, but as we can see in the attached videos, practically all EVs were represented.
In connection with the Hope Trophy Project and Sharing Copenhagen's "Green Mobility Weeks" in September/October 2014, a new Guinnnes World Record will be attempted.

We just found out that the current record of 305 cars was set in Zurich 2013, after the Oslo version.

Since the record is for an electric-vehicle parade, all participating cars have to move to be counted. Eligible vehicles include all plug-in models.

If you want to be part of this attempt in Denmark, please contact CO2 Green Drive

Saturday, February 22, 2014


Above video from Union Square of the Earth Day New York 2013 HARLEM SHAKE.


CO2 E Drive from 2011 on Times Square

Stay Tuned for more info on the annual CO2 E Drive.
For more info on Earth Day New York 2014, take a look at the website HERE

Thursday, January 23, 2014


Copenhagen won the nomination for European Green Capital in 2014 and the opening events of the year for Sharing Copenhagen, was on January 22nd held all over Copenhagen City. It was among many events celebrated by lighting candles spelled out in various texts symbolising thoughts, desires, visions and challenges in a co-creation manifestation.

One of the visions created with the help of candles was HOPE TROPHY. A project that also will be part of Sharings Copenhagen's Mobility Weeks events in September 2014.

The first Danish Electric Car was called HOPE. Above you can see the HOPE Whisper, which is exhibited at Denmark's Technical Museum's "100 Years of Danish Electric Cars" and Hopefully also in Copenhagen during Mobility Weeks.

The Hope Trophy Project is a spinn-off from the concept of CO2 Green Drive and will take place around the Baltic Sea in 2014. Stay tuned for more on the project in future posts.

Copenhagens new Mayor Morten Kabel from Enhedslisten (Rather left wing Danish Political Party) opened the evening in the lovely Copenhagen Municipality Building. There was food and drinks for everyone and a large group of Copenagen citizens was gathered to enjo the evening.

About Copenhagen as the Green Capital of Europe.

There was also an award show for the best Instagram photo tagged with #delditkbh of images taken in Copenhagen by smartphone users with an instagram account. In the above photo you can see Kim Ahm who was the winner of the competition taking yet another Instagram photo.

The above winning image by Kim Ahm reminds me of Cartier Bresson's classic photo

However Kim Ahm's photo is taken at Kalvebod Brygge on the waterfront of Copenhagen, and not in the streets of Paris as above.

The above video shows (at 00.22) more about the waterfront in the center of Copenhagen where the water has been cleaned and can be used for swimming.

The image from Islands Brygge by Thomas Rousing

Another winner by Anette Ingerslev Gundesen from The Red Square at Superkilen.

The Sun over Amager Fælled by Nikolaj Thoning

And finally a water reflexion image by Kenneth Nguyen from Kultorvet

After the opening event, there was a dinner in the amazing Mayors Hall on the second floor of the Municipality Building. In the above image Copenhagen's Mayor Frank Jensen addresses the guests with a speech about how proud he was that Copenhagen had won the nomination for Green City of Europe.
In Copenhagen Mr Jensen is most well know for being a strong speaker for legalizing green smoking activities. There was also a number of other activities, such as Burlesque, a huge choir and several hard hitting speeches talking about the current climate status of Earth.

There was a food from MadMobilen cooked by a large group ethnic women who had prepared food from their countries with a much more exotic flavor than most classic Danish foods. There was however classic Royal Danish porcelain with the Blue Flutet hand painted pattern, whereupon Pancakes was served.

Hans Christian Andersen was present in form of a Bust, where people who pass by rub his nose for good luck. 

The Second Day of Launching Sharing Copenhagen included a mass jump into the ice cold water on the Islandsbrygge side of the waterfront.

More about Sharing Copenhagen go HERE

Wednesday, January 8, 2014


The Clean Air Ride Virtual GPS Tagging Performance Video

The Bike Crew from Barangay Cyclists Energetic as they arrived from their Virtual Tagging Performance Ride through the streets of Manila on a route spelling out "AIR" with the help of the CO2 Green Drive GPS APP.that some of them had downloaded to their phones. When this photo was taken they were looking up at the Creator and feeling the Force, as can be seen in the eyes of the gentlemen above.

Philippinos have had the Catholic Church in their culture for over 500 years and it is a very important part of most Philippinos. In the above image in San Agustin Church Ceiling is the "All Seeing Eye". A Church that was first buildt in 1571, destroyed several times by Earth Quakes, War and fires. It was used as a concentration camp by the Japanese, and it was there in1898, the Spanish Governor-General Fermin Jaudenes prepared the terms for the surrender of Manila to the United States of America following the Spanish-American War.

The Classic Second World War American Jeep converted into a Electric MB and buildt by the local Jeep producer MD Juan, that Yours Truly sat in during the Performance Ride.

The Converted Jeep Packed with Batteries.

The Yellow Electric School Bus

The Manila Electric Company and Crew

The Orange Meralco Electric Bus

The Orange ADB Bike Sharing Bike

The Pasig City Electric Bus

Exellent Says the Manila version of Mr. Green

The e- Tranvia Electric Bus

Orange Fit

Mr Green and The Green Orange Fit Crew

The Electric Scooter Ladies

The Manila Electric Company Bus in Profile

More Mr Green

Justin Beiber also joined the event and the lovely students from Rizal Technological Univercity went Bananas.
Well, actually it was not Really Justin Bieber, but the Danish Student Thomas Stub Rosser who was part of the CAR Manila Team. 

After seeing the above video (in Danish) Thomas Stub Rosser won the participation in CAR Manila by
coming up 
with the best idea for an APP for Sustainable Awareness in a competition as part of theNEXTGEN Conference held in Copenhagen 10th of  October 2013.

Thomas Stub Rosser also designed the above logo for Clean Air Drive in Manila. You can see more versions
of graphic design of the CO2 Green Drive Project HERE

The was a photo shoot set up with a backdrop and hat, wigs and ears for everyone.

A brilliant performance by Kontra-GaPi

How Does an EV Work?

Again Thank You Manila and Clean Air Asia for the great collaboration! We look forward to more CAR Performances throughout Asia in 2014 and 2015!

Monday, December 16, 2013


When American troops began to leave the Philippines at the end of World War II, hundreds of surplus jeeps were sold or given to the Philippinos. The Electric Jeep above is made by the local Jeep producer MD Juan. 

Lead Batteries up front looking alot like an abstract painting or sculpture. Very clean and CO2 long as the batteries are discharged or recycled in a sustainable way.

The Pimped up version of the Jeep is called a Jeepney and can be seen all over Manila, driving people all over for next to nothing, except huge amounts of air pollution. Since they are not electric, the motors used in the Jeepneys comes from old second hand japanese cars without filters.

The above video tells the history of the development of a the Philippine MD Juan Car Company that makes the Electric MB as part of their CSR strategy. 

The sight of the Electric Jeep, made me think of the Estonian Car Company ZEV Motors who has done a similar project by converting another National Iconic car as the Russian Pobeda.

When the above photo was taken, a serious rain shower took place in Riga and the weater was rather cold. In Manila during the CAR Manila event, it was warm at 4am in the morning. When it comes to rain, the Philippines has had their share. 

Right before the CAR Manila event, Yolanda had swept over the Islands located probably as east as one get from Riga. The above image is from the little Art Town called Angono, Rizal an hour away in a Jeepney from Metro Manila. The images seen in the media of the distaster of Yolanda's fury over the Philippines was one my mind, along with the powerful speech by Yeb Sano at COP 19. See some of the most heartbreaking images by Rahman Roslan HERE

This speech blew my mind and was to me the strongest speech at any COP event so far. Hopefully the decisionmakers will listen to these words in the negotiations for the future of the climate on Mother Earth. 

The whole speech by Yeb Sano, who went into hunger strike after the speech.

During the different interactions that was made in Manila, at for example above Rizal Technological University, there were talks about this amazing and moving speech. The climate situation is a constant present part of life for people in the Philippines, but they are never far away from a smile! 

The Jose Protacio Mercado Rizal Alonso Realonda Sculpture at The Rizal Technological University

The Rizal Technological University (RTU) is located in Metro Manila with a great perspective on education:

The Philosophy
The Rizal Technological University believes in nurturing the creative potentials of Filipinos to excel in a dynamic world order and advocates commitment to global peace and sustainable development along with sense of moral responsibility and cultural patronage

The Mission

To prepare students to create their future in a knowledge-driven and culturally diverse society.

The Vision

A prominent University recognized for its commitment to innovative programs in addressing society's challenges.

The above image is of a Electric Bus filled with RTU students who was part of the performance. By doing so, they were part of the performance as the artists, the brush and the paint by having the GPS App downloaded on their smart phones.

The above Electric Bss from TECO with the students onboard and a lovely banner about the event in the front. TECO is in the Philippines know for their Air Conditioners, LED TV's and various other electronic appliences, but they have also made tis Electric Bus as part of their CSR program.

There was a meeting with all the police involved in the performance ahead of time to give the orders for what each and everyone should do and be at along the AIR tag route. Never has so many policemen been involved with the project, helping us out to create Street Art in a city.

The COMET Electric Bus Getting Ready for the Future!

TECO's Electric Tri-Bike in Orange.

The Yellow Electric School Bus

The Crew from Barangay Cyclists Energetic getting ready for the Performance Ride.

The start of the performance painting the "R" in AIR - as seen right below in the web interface image.

Stay Tuned for the next Post that includes the actual Performance Ride and following event and the Meralco Building, including Music and Electric Scooters!

The CAR Manila Video made by Clean Air Asia