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The Guinness Word Record attempt held on September 21st 2014 has been officially recognized!
KPMG found 160 Electric Cars that was part of the parade, to live up to the rules set for the record.
The the above webpage HERE

The above photo by John Krøll shows the parade as it enters Peberholmen as part of Øresund Bridge.

The above banner was displayed as part of the event.

On that very same day in New York City, the People's Climate March took place. The above spread is from the newspaper called "Planet News" that was distributed during the march, by the people behind Center for Planetary Culture. If you click on the above image you can read more about CO2 Green Drive, under the image of the Electric DeLorean and Intentional Art headline.

The above video about the Climate March

The above video about Cool Construction/Byens Hegn that is a Copenhagen Urban Street Art Initiative.

On October 10th 2014, there will be an Awards Ceremony on Kongens Nytorv in Copenhagen. It happens to be on the same day as Copenhagen's "Night of Culture", where many thousand people roam the streets to engulf themselves in Culture. The above image is the artwork created by Will Gurley and Jacob Fuglsang Mikkelsen, and will be created in collaboration with Svend Sømod, Lasse Bentzen, Anna Vibe and Christian Rømer Riis of Grounded Craft Work. The Award Show will be hosted by Hollywood actress and Film Producer Kristina Korsholm and Sharing Copenhagen's own Jacob Hartmann.

The CO2 symbol was initially created by nearly 100 Electric Cars for the first CO2 E - Race/CO2 Green Drive Performance in connection to COP15 in 2009. In above image you can see the CO2 GPS tag that was shown LIVE on the Globe on Rådhuspladsen. More HERE.

The 3D CO2 painting will be placed in the above spot, where the event will also be held.

The colors of the KNOxOUT Paint that will be used for the artwork is "A Breeze of Grey" and "Purifying White". The painting is 4 x 4 meters and according to the producers of the paint, it will be equal to planting 16 threes. See more in below video.

See the above paint LIVE and Come and Join the event!

More about the Facebook event page HERE


Will Gurley in front of the 3D CO2 Painting

The CO2 3D painting next to The Electric Bridge Banner 

Saturday, September 27, 2014


The video of the day made by Casper Strunge and his team from &FILM, collaborating with the Drone Master Thomas Knudsen from Epic Media, calling the shots from above.

The Electric Bridge sticker who was placed in the windshield of each participant of the Attempt. The logo was designed by the Danish legendary Graphic Designer Sten Jauer of LAND DESIGN LAB.

The line of Electric Cars on the Øresund Bridge going into the tunnel of Peberholmen by John Krøll from Virtual Works

See the above 360 Earth Peberholmen Mashup as an interactive experience HERE

See the above 360 Earth Spiral Mashup as an interactive experience  HERE

The Parking Lot at Field's was the canvas for the Spiral of Electric Cars. 

The inspiration for the Spiral is Sacred Geometry and the Fibonacci Spiral that is a universally occurring concept in nature and all life forms.

The inspiration also came from a simple google search for "car" and "spiral" where the above image popped up.

Having the inspiration in place, it was key to also figure out how it could be documented from above. When talking to Thomas Knudsen, who is one of Denmark's best Drone Operators, it became clear that the Spiral should be documented by Thomas and his magic Drone, as seen above.

Color coordination was attempted, and worked, at least in the middle where an Orange Dot was created.
Now the question is, if we shall turn in an application for the record for the worlds largest "Spiral made out of Electric Cars".

Above Jesper Hyuk Larsen, who is the in-house photographer for CO2 Green Drive and The Traingle Project. In it, he is on a B BIKE and part of the Mr Green Performance, that was done on Union Square in April 2014. See more of Jesper's photography below:

Vice-President of the Copenhagen City Council and spokesperson Lars Weiss (S) standing next to a Tesla Roadster. Lars also represented and talked about the Fehmarn Belt Days, along with the Eco Friendly Highway between Germany, via Denmark, through Sweden to Norway. (photo Jesper Hyuk Larsen)

Steven DeVincent and his partner US Ambassador Rufus Gifford participated in a Tesla Model S.
(photo Jesper Hyuk Larsen)

Rufus also held a speech at Copenhagen Pride on Rådhuspladsen earleir in 2014, speaking both Danish and English to the cheering crowd.

Jakob Hougaard (S), Vice President of Engineering and the Environment in the City of Copenhagen. He participated with his own Nissan Leaf, being an avid and authentic electric car driver, along with representing Sharing Copenhagen.

Jens Mandrup from The Capital Region of Denmark also joined the day representing Copenhagen Electric and the Capital Region's Electric Car Initiatives.

The Los Angeles based Danish Actress and Film Producer Kristina Korsholm drove the above Tesla Roadster, putting the pedal to the metal of the drag race capable Electric Jetplane, flying over the Øresund Brige on the way to Malmø. It had to be charged urgently, so it would even be able to get back over the bridge again for the attempt 2 hours later.

The two hours were spent visiting and joining forces with Øresund Electric Car Rally, that had their closing event on the Hyllie Station Square next to Emporia. They also helped Kristina with charging her, or actually Carl Nielsen from Clear Drive's Roadster. We were happy to hear that our good friend Martin Messer Thomsen of EV TEST won the 2014 Rally! Se more images from the 2014 Øresund Electric Car Rally in Malmø HERE. Thanks to Per Lundgren of OECR and his wonderful Swedish Team!

On top of the Emporia Rooftop, there was Yellow Plexi Glass that gave the tinted view over the Øresund Bridge, Turning Torso and Kronprinsen. All well known skyline profiles of Malmø, even if many still miss the Kockums Crane that once dominated the skies of the city.

Once the participants of the Attempt came back to the Field's parking lot and completed the Spiral Formation, there was SOUP. The Potato Soup, with bacon and bread was made by Ærø Chef Keld Fuglsang Mikkelsen and Copenhagen Chef Lotte Monberg and sponsored by the BILKA inside of Field's.
Their slogan for the day was "BILKA LI ELBILER".

After a flash of rain, right when the participants took off from the Field's parking lot, it got dark and the day was over. Did we set a Guinness World Record? At this writing moment we are not sure. There was 218 participating Electric Cars in the day and 160 could be 100% verified by KPMG being part of the parade and were re-checked and counted as the left the Field's parking lot. Please stay tuned for new updates soon.

Thursday, September 18, 2014


Onsdag d. 17. september 2014                                                                                    


Verdens længste elbilparade krydser Øresund

Elbiler i kortege fra Malmö til København over Øresundsbroen: Som et arrangement i forbindelse med ”Sharing Copenhagen/København Europæisk Miljøhovedstad 2014” vil over 130 elbiler fra hele Øresundsregionen krydse Øresundsforbindelsen den 21. september. Arrangementet skal illustrere bestræbelserne på at skabe en grøn motorvej, der forbinder Øresundsregionen med Hamburg via den kommende Femern-forbindelse.  Og så er kortegen et Guinness-rekordforsøg med titlen ”Flest elbiler i en parade”. Alt tyder på, at en ny rekord vil blive sat på broen mellem Malmö og København.

Søndag den 21. september sker det: Over 130 tilmeldte elbiler fra hele Øresundsregionen og Norge mødes om eftermiddagen i Malmö for i samlet kortege at krydse Øresundsforbindelsen med Fields´s på Amager som mål. 

Arrangementet sker i forlængelse af det årlige svenske ”Öresund Electric Car Rally”, der allerede dagen forinden starter på Frederiksberg, og som kører via Helsingør/Hälsingborg mod Lund og Malmö. Her mødes de svenske deltagere med flere elbil-entusiaster fra Danmark og Norge for at krydse Øresundsforbindelsen.

Dette sker som led i ”Sharing Copenhagen/København Europæisk Miljøhovedstad”, som i disse uger fokuserer på bæredygtig og grøn transport. Desuden skal den lange kortege slå en fire år gammel Guinness-rekord. Her skal i alt skal mindst 101 elbiler bryde rekorden ”Flest elbiler i en parade”. Den gældende rekord blev opstillet i Japan i 2010, hvor 100 biler deltog.

Politisk deltagelse med grønt fokus
I kortegen deltager den amerikanske ambassadør i Danmark, Rufus Gifford, der er med på turen i en Tesla Model S.

Desuden deltager næstformand i Københavns Borgerrepræsentation og politisk ordfører Lars Weiss (S) samt Jakob Hougaard (S), næstformand i Teknik og Miljøudvalget, Københavns Kommune.

- Dette initiativ er en fantastisk måde at illustrere bestræbelserne på at skabe og videreudvikle grønne transportløsninger i regionen mellem Øresund og Hamburg. Og det understreger behovet for udviklingen af en sammenhængende grøn infrastruktur, hvor der er fri og uhindret adgang til fossilfrie brændstoffer på begge sider af henholdsvis Øresund og Femern Bælt, siger Lars Weiss

- Vi skal have folk til at opdage elbilen, for den er forureningsfri og lydløs. Før sommer var der registreret ca 400 elbiler i Københavns Kommune ud af i alt ca. 160.000 registrerede biler, svarende til en andel på 0,25 procent. Det er alt for lidt, siger Jakob Hougaard (S), næstformand i Teknik- og Miljøudvalget, der selv kører med i sin Nissan Leaf.

En af initiativtagerne, kunstneren Jacob Fuglsang, siger:
- Vi håber at rigtigt mange flere elbilister tilmelder sig, så vi kan vise, at København og Øresundsregionen er i front på grønne initiativer. Udviklingen går stærkt og moderne elbiler er både hurtige, sikre og lækre biler, der kan klare kørselsbehovet for de fleste af os i hverdagen. Vi har alle en stor udfordring i at forbedre luft- og lydkvaliteten i vores byer, og det er noget elbilerne kan være med til at løse. Og med forsøget her vil vi gerne vise, at København og Region Hovedstaden er med i front.

Bred støtte
Også energiselskabet E.ON er med for at skabe god energi om elbilen:
 - Vi arbejder for at gøre det nemt og bekvemt at køre elbil. Derfor sørger vi også for opladning til deltagerne ved Fields. Eventen er meget mere end en søndagshyggeklub for elbilister. Udover at tage del i en verdensrekord er det i høj grad deltagernes ønske at signalere, at skiftet mod bæredygtig transport er ved at ske. Både private, virksomheder og kommuner begynder at se elbilens fordele. Infrastrukturen er på plads; det er bare at hoppe med på vognen, siger Susanne Tolstrup, kommunikationschef i E.ON Danmark.

Med på turen er også et svensk vagtselskab, der kører på elmotorcykler. De mødes ved Øresundsbroen med danske motorcykelbetjente og PET, som sammen eskorterer paraden til målet ved Field´s på Amager. PET skal undervejs sørge for sikkerheden omkring den amerikanske ambassadør i Danmark, Rufus Gifford.

Öresundsbron sponsorerer eventen med fri passage over broen for de deltagende elbiler.
E.ON, Clever, og Clean Charge stiller gratis opladere til rådighed. Elbilproducenter og Elbilforeninger i både Danmark, Norge og Sverige har meldt deres støtte til rekordforsøget, mens shopping centeret Field’s sponsorer strøm til elbilerne, både før og efter eventen.

Region Skane og Malmö Stad er også med som samarbejdspartnere, udover at flere af deres medarbejdere kører med i både Öresund Electric Car Rally og rekordforsøget.
Revisionsselskabet KPMG skal verificere rekorden, som sidenhen skal optages i Guinness Book of Records.

Elbilkortegen er planlagt af de samme folk, som i 2009 stod bag CO2 Green Drive. Sammen med Det Danske Kulturinstitut arrangerede de dengang en elbil-parade, formet som et CO2-tegn gennem Københavns gader i forbindelse med den amerikanske præsident Obamas besøg i København under COP15.

12:00 - Danske deltagere mødes på Field's udendørsparkering, med indgang fra Arne Jacobsens Alle i Ørestaden.

12:00 - 13:30 - Alle deltagerne bliver filmet af et videoteam og fotograferet af den danske fotograf Jesper Hyuk Larsen. De får også en deltagerstreamer sat på bilen og får tildelt placering i paraden. Der er mulighed for at oplade elbiler ved Fields om formiddagen, inden turen går til Malmø.

13:30 - Deltagerne kører i samlet gruppe over til Malmö/Emporias parkering (Hyllie Boulevard 19, Malmö), hvor de slutter sig til deltagerne fra Öresund Electric Car Rally, der ankommer fra Lund.

14:00 - 16:00 - Alle deltager i afslutningen af Oresund Electric Car Rally ved Emporia. De elbiler der ikke er med i Rallyet skal køre op på taget af Emporia, hvor de skal dokumenteres og få tildelt pladser i rekord-paraden over

16:00 - Et privat svensk vagtselskab på elmotorcykler eskorterer paraden fra Emporia t
il Øresundsbroen, hvor de mødes af motorcykelbetjente fra Københavns Politi. Når alle deltagere er oppe på broen i en lang række, skal rekorden sættes. Kortegen skal samlet køre 3.2 kilometer, for at rekorden er gyldig.

16:30 - 18:00 - Alle deltagerne samles på Field's parkering for at fejre verdensrekorden med mad og drikke. 
Alle elbilerne stilles i en Spiral formation på parkeringspladsen, for at siden filmes af en drone fra oven. Et billede for oven af alle deltagende elbiler er et af mange krav fra Guinness World Record. Her er der også mulighed for at lade elbilerne til turen hjem og tale med andre elbils ejere fra Øresundregionen.

Det er gratis at deltage, Öresundsbron er en af sponsorerne, og eventen er en god måde at støtte arbejdet for en grønnere og mere bæredygtig fremtid og fejre Københavns pris som Europas Grønne Hovedstad.


Tilmeldinger sker på Region Hovedstadens Elbilsekretariat Copenhagen Electric hjemmeside:

Facebook side:


Jacob Fuglsang Mikkelsen, Facilitator, CO2 Green Drive
+45 60 85 16 75

Kåre Albrechtsen, Sekretariatschef, Copenhagen Electric/Region Hovedstaden
45 24 63 88 68

Susanne Tolstrup, Kommunikationschef, E.ON Danmark
+45 30 386112

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On September 21st, a World Record attempt will take place on the Øresund Bridge for "Largest Parade of Electric Cars". It will be with participants from both Denmark, Norway and Sweden, as part of the Oresund Electric Car Rally, Sharing Copenhagen/European Green Capital and the Fehmarn Belt Days 2014. Everyone with an Electric Car are invited to participate for free. We want to show that Electric Cars are here! Anyone can drive one and it is an affordable, cleaner and more silent alternative to the combustion engine car.

The above photo is from a Electric Car parade in Riga 2010, with the classic Electric Pobeda driving in the front over a bridge. Hopefully, it will not rain on September 21st 2014, as it did in Riga!

The day will start at noon at the Field's Parking Lot in the Ørestad District in Copenhagen. In above photo, you can see the electric Metro train that goes between Field's and Copenhagen City.

The Parking Lot has its entrance on Arne Jacobsens Alle (named after the Danish Designer) and will have mobile charging stations supplied by E.ON, Clean Charge and CLEVER. This so the participants who needs to have their cars charged before and after the attempt.

After we create a formation and take a photo of the participating Electric Cars, the group will together drive out to the freeway close by and onto the Øresund Bridge towards Emporia in Malmo, Sweden.

The freeway passes by Kastrup Airport on the Right side and the Amager Beach on the Left.

The route between Field's and Emporia is 31 kilometers long and takes about 22 minutes

However, the Record Attempt will not be done on the way from Denmark to Sweden on Øresund Bridge, but on the way back again. This after all the Electric Cars are gathered at Emporia's Parking Lot meeting up with the Cars from Øresund Electric Car Rally, who arrive from Landskrona around 14:00 in the afternoon.

Emporia is in the part of Malmo called Hyllie and is the new booming area of the city.

Emporia has a impressive futuristic design by Gert Wingårdh.

The plan is to gather the Electric Cars on the rooftop of Emporia, for the best possible photo opportunity.

The above image is of a Electric Car Parade in connection to CO2 Green Drive Part 11 in Copenhagen 2011.

This parade took place in Roskilde 2010

The above image is from the START of the Electric Car Parade at FORUM, with almost 100 "Green Cars" (not only Electric Cars) in connection to the UN Climate Summit COP15 in Copenhagen 2009.

The above image is from the Parking Lot at the Scania Park, where Oresund Electric Car Rally arrived in 2013. In the image you can see the Innoventum Giraffe, that also functions as a Charging Station for two Electric Cars. It is also placed at the Parking Lot by Emporia, where they arrive to around 14:00 on September 21st 2014.

At 16:00, after the Oresund Electric Car Rally event is over, the participants has been given their place in the Parade, a spectacular photo has been taken and the Electric Cars charged for another trip, the attempt goes into action.

At 16:10, the parade will be met by Danish MC police who will escort the participants in the attempt over the Øresund Bridge, at 70 km/h for at least 3.2 km. This according to Guinness World Record.

The Record, will be set on the Oresund Bridge, when all the electric cars are in one long line. The participating Electric Cars and their drivers will after the attempt gather up at Field's Parking lot and celebrate the attempt, with food and drinks. Another photo will be taken for the documentation and there will be an opportunity to charge up the car again. Drivers has registered from all parts of Denmark, Norway and Sweden so charging up their electric cars will be rather important to be able to get home again.

The world renown 360 Degree photographer John Krøll, will take a photo of the parade from Peberholmen (see above photo), as the Parade goes over Øresund Bridge.

The US Ambassador to Denmark Rufus Gifford, will be part of the parade, in a Tesla Model S.

When all the participating Electric Cars arrives back to the Field's parkinglot, they will drive into formation of a spiral. The above photo illustrates the formation and if time allows, it will be in color gradation, as above.

UPDATE: Above Result

The award ceremony, handing over the Official Guinness World Record Certificate, will be held on October
10th in connection to Copenhagen Night of Culture 2014. More about it HERE

Film above: Øresund Bridge seen with a Helicopter. We Thank Øresund Bridge to sponsor all the participants in the attempt, so they can drive back and forth over the bridge.

For more information and updates, go to the Facebook page for the Record Attempt HERE

To Participate and Register, go the Copenhagen Electric's website HERE

PS. There is another similar Record for "Largest Parade of Electric Vehicles", but that is not the one we are challenging at this time.