Tuesday, December 8, 2015



The plans laid down in 2014, in collaboration with the Copenhagen French Embassy changed drastically.
The plan was to produce the CO2 Green Drive in the streets of Paris, with both Electric Cars and Bikes.
However, as we all know many things changed in Paris since the fall of 2014. Instead, we went to Paris together with The Alternative and its wonderful positive crew.

Once we know that it was not possible to produce the CO2 Green Drive, we started to focus on producing a large Intentional Meditation event. However, this was not allowed either, as it became illegal to gather in large crowds in the streets of Paris. In above video, we did create a small meditation, just before the police stormed the square.

In Copenhagen, we did produce a large Intentional Meditation event in Dome of Visions on November 29th, in connection to the official COP21 Parade, held worldwide. In above image by Jesper Hyuk, Josephine Fock from The Alternative is holding a speech in connection to the meditation session.

In Paris, there was all kind of manifestations. One of my personal favorites was the above Sufi Dance meditation.

Another one, was the various Bike Parades that were ongoing in the streets of the city.

And of course the Dancing Lady, that was a lovely puppet performance by a local artist.

Now history will only know if the COP21 conference was successful. In any case, it can only be more successful than COP15 in 2009, where theonly good thing that happened, was that the CO2 Green Drive was born.

This is the best video I have seen about COP21 so far!

Wednesday, September 2, 2015


Great News! Even if the newly elected Danish government has killed the high ambitions for CO2 reductions and support for a greener and cleaner Danish future, the Copenhagen Municipality and Region has supported a new brilliant initiative.

In above image Kåre Albrechsen from Copenhagen Electric and the PR manager from Arriva in the back, at the opening event for the initiative at Copenhagens Municicpality Building infront of a huge excited crowd.

BMW, Arriva, Copenhagen Electric and Copenhagen Municipality has in a ground breaking collaboration started one of the most ambitious Electric Car Sharing concepts in the world.

Again, Copenhagen is in the forefront for Electric Cars, while the current so-called "Black Government" has let the oil and gas industry lobby corrupt their climate policies. Three steps forward and two steps back.

Go and register for free now, to start using the lovely BMWi3, that by the way was also exhibited at our "100 Years of Electric Cars" in 2014 at Øksnehallen, representing the latest electric car in a timeline going 100 years back.

Monday, May 18, 2015


The first ever Political Laboratorium about Electric Cars was held on May 18th 2015 at Kattesunder 12, in the centre of Copenhagen City. 

The Alternative believes that together we can create much better political solutions than we do today. That is why we invite everyone both in Denmark and abroad to send questions, ideas and input for developing The Alternative’s political proposals.
The Alternative will generate policies together with citizens of all ages and in all parts of the country through events and workshops. We will focus on challenges, opportunities and good examples. Ideas will be gathered which can be developed into solid political proposals and serious sustainable scenarios for the future.
From the website of the new Danish Green Party "The Alternative", who hosted the day.

Per Jørgensen Møller from The Danish Electric Car Commite gave a presentation

The citizents and specialists was gathered around a table with a cup of coffee and colorful papers and pens.

Open Discussions and interaction

Kåre Albrechsen from Copenhagen Electric, the Region of Copenhagen Regions Electric Car Department.

John Krøll 

Please notice the screen of Kåre's PC showing images from the Guinness World Record that he was part of in September 2014.

Thomas Knudsen

More about that lovely memory HERE

Martin Messer Thomsen from EV TEST. One of Denmarks most knowable men when it comes to Electric Cars, the most optimal way of driving them and where new laws about Electric Cars can be implemented so it makes most possible sense for Denmark. To the left of Martin is Christian Poll who is the lead candidate for The Alternative within the areas of Green Technology and ECO living.

Jon Seemann Pedersen from The Alternative talked about Self Driving Cars and how it is key to also include this new element to the future of transportation.

Notes from a participant.

David Morrow 

Members of The United Danish Electric Car Owners was present

David Morrow 

The initiator of the event Jacob Fuglsang Mikkelsen is in the above image wearing a T - Shirt from the Guinness World Record attempt in September 2014. He is the current holder of the World Record in "Largest Parade of Electric Cars".

David Morrow 

The Future is Not What it Used to Be - The Electric DeLorean from New York, turned into artwork as part of The Alternative election campaign.

David Morrow 

There is no doubt that Nikola Tesla would have supported the Electric Car today. Allready over 100 years ago he had the solution for a Fossil Free Future. He is the Godfather of the CO2 Green Drive Project and should be canonized as a Green Saint.

Now we will see what the brainstorm will turn into in the official politics of The Alternative and later into Danish politics in the near future!

Thanks to David Morrow for joining us during the day and documenting the moment!

After this POLAB was held, we sent out the working paper to several of our friends and partners. Not long after that, the Danish political party "Radikal Venstre" went out in the Danish media and announced several of the concepts and proposals we had come up with during the day. This including a "Green Licence plate" for electric cars. All we can say about this is that The Alternative is all for tranceparency and sharing, but we also like to get credit for the ideas, but we also like to say "You are Welcome!"

Read the announcement HERE

Sunday, May 17, 2015


On May 23rd there will be a Political Laboratorium/Workshop at Dome of Visions in Copenhagen.
It will be hosted by The Triangle Project & CO2 Green Drive in collaboration with the new Danish Green Party called The Alternative. There will be three sessions with talks by specialists in Urban, Vertical and alternative ways of traditional farming. This is to inform and create public involvement in changing politics around the future of our food supply and local food production. The involved speakers and facilitators are:


Ronnie Markussen from Human Habitat

Mikkel Kjær from Human Habitat

Human Habitat is a holistic design lab. They offer interdisciplinary concept--solutions linking design, architecture and food production. The aim is to generate holistic sustainability by creating economic, environmental and social value. 

Human Habitat website HERE


Paul Kledal from IGFF

Institute for Global Food and Farming is a private institute doing applied research and consultancy within aquaponics, urban agriculture and the economic organization of agro food chains.

IGFF website HERE


David Francois Diego Rey (French living in Copenhagen) is an architecture technologist & construction management student. He is a project coordinator in designing, planning & constructing community architectural projects with 5 years of project  management & practical construction experience with production stages companies, NGOs, and Project & Cultural Houses in Denmark. 

He has a passion for Design & Planning with Building Information Modelling (BIM), Maximum Sustainability and Facility Management.

David is driven by the desire to design, plan and construct smart homes & buildings with science and technology. David is also an educator & researcher holding talks, writing reports, video documenting and facilitating workshops in economy and sustainability practices.

In above image: David as part of the The Triangle Project Panel Discussion at Roskilde Festival 2013, talking about political activism. 

More about the Roskilde Panel Discussion event HERE.
Read David's paper on Vertical Farming in Wooden Skyscrapers HERE

The above photo is by Torben Dalhof is from left to right; The Triangle Project veteran and spokenword artist Claus Ankersen, New York photographer Brendon Stuart, Anup Yogi Desai who is the man behind Rentha.com and all the way to the right is David. 

Rune Wingård

Rune Wingård is one of the 10 Copenhagen candidates from the new Danish Political party The Alternative. Rune will be facilitating the Political Laboratorium, about the above subjects as part of the process of developing the political program for The Alternative.

Rune's personal Political Facebook Page HERE

The Alternative believes that together we can create much better political solutions than we do today. That is why they invite everyone both in Denmark and abroad to send questions, ideas and input for developing The Alternative’s political proposals.

Following the event at Dome of Visions on May 23rd 2015, the information from the day will be gathered and transferred into concrete political proposals, to potentially be implemented into the Official Political Agenda of The Alternative.

Read more about how The Alternative creates new involving Politics HERE


May 23rd at 16:00 - 18:30
Dome of Visions
Søren Kierkegaards Plads 1
1016 København K
by DEN SORTE DIAMANT - Royal Public Library

Website HERE