Thursday, December 8, 2011


The CO2 E - Race will in 2012 change name and be called "CO2 Green Drive". In December 2011 we also became a part of TOUR2012EUROPE with an invitation to produce the CO2 Performance in 14 different cities in Europe, from Stockholm in the north to Lisbon in the south.

Learn more about TOUR2012EUROPE HERE

Friday, November 4, 2011


On November 7th 2011, Chris Paine's "Revenge of the Electric Car" will be shown in Denmark during the Copenhagen Documentary Film Festival - CPH:DOX. 

The above image is of Chris Paine when he was in Copenhagen 2009 during COP15. The 3rd version  of CO2 E - Race Project during COP15 was documented for "Revenge of the Electric Car", but was taken out in the final edit.

The above is of Chris Paine talking to the Danish Climate Minister in 2010 Lykke Friis, in connection to his visit to Roskilde Festival where he produced a film for the American Embassy about the New Jersey Punk band Titus Andronicus and their perspective on sustainability and Roskilde Festivals way of handling trash as  American Ambassadors in Denmark.

The short film was shown as the Pre-movie to Bjørn Lomborg's "Cool It" at CPH:DOX 2010

The above image is of Chris Paine while driving the Electric Nimbus, that is the worlds oldest converted registered bike. The conversion was done by the Danish scientist Axel Boisen and the location for the image is in the courtyard of Hotel King Arthur where Chris was staying, that is also the location for the after party in connection to the screening of "Revenge of the Electric Car" in Copenhagen.

In connection to Earth Day NYC and the New York version of CO2 E - Race on April 22nd 2011, Chris Paine opened the day with a speech at the Solar One Building on West 23rd Street waterfront. It was also the very same day "Revenge of the Electric Car" had it's world premiere at Tribeca Film Festival later in the evening.


The panel debate following the screening of ROTEC will include Lærke Flader, who is the CEO of the Danish Electric Car Alliance.

Søren W. Rasmussen, who is the most electric car skeptic Danish Motor journalist and have written articles like: "Is the Electric Car an Illusion?"

Martin Messer Thomsen, who is one of Denmark's leading Electric Car specialists and very active online and as a test pilot of all new electric cars on the market.

Per Clausen, who is a member of Parliment in the radical left wing political party called "Enhedslisten", where he is in charge of amongst many other issues; Climate, Energy and Culture.

The Moderator of the Panel Debate will be Nikolaj Sonne, who is the TV host of a Danish National TV program about Technology and first mover gadgets. In the spring of 2011, he did an extended program of the Tesla Roadster where he tested the "Tesla Grin" on many Danish celebrities.

The Screening and Panel Debate:
18:00 - 20:30
Monday the 7th of November 2011
Theater GROB
Nørrebrogade 37

Thanks to Vitamin Well for supporting us with refreshing drinks at the screening!

Order tickets HERE
Facebook event page HERE

After Party:
20:30 - 22:00
Hotel Kong Arthur
Nørre Søgade 11
Free Drinks and a presentation of the 2012 plans for
CO2 E - Race at for example Burning Man.

Friday, September 23, 2011


At the same time as the Electric Drag and Street Race, there was a Electric Rally. See more in the above film that is in Danish.

 Renault Fluence ZE vs. Dragster - The Dragster Won!

The Electric Hornet vs. The Dragster - The Dragster Won!

The Tesla vs. Ford Mustang - The Tesla Won!

The Tesla vs. Ford Mustang - The Tesla Won as you can see above!

The Tesla vs. The Silver Corvette - The Tesla Won!

The Tesla vs. The White Corvette - The Tesla Won!

The Tesla vs. The White Corvette - The Tesla Won as you can see above!

One of the main Taxi Companies in Copenhagen plans to have a fleet of Nissan LEAF's, just like in New York and in Mexico City. Here the LEAF drives agains the most common Taxi in Copenhagen, a Mercedes.
The LEAF Won!

The Dragrace between trash trucks from different Municipalities in the Copenhagen Region.

A normal gasoline scooter let's out as much CO2 as a 24 wheel truck, due to its lack of filters and low tech motors. The electric scooter is amazing to ride on and let's out o CO2. In the drag race above it outran the gasoline scooter by far.

Above is two electric MC's against each other. it was pretty even.

The above photo won the Smart Phone APP photo contest that was produced by CO2 E - Race for the day.

See more about the contest in THIS post

Wednesday, September 7, 2011


The above image is of The Electric Hornet developed by our friends "True Cousins", that I have written about before in connection to their electric Drag Race Bike called "Silver Giant" (see below) that currently holds a world record as being the fastest in its category. Read about it in THIS post. 

On September 10th 2011, the department within the Copenhagen Municipality called "Grønne Erhverv" translated to "Copenhagen Green Business Network", will produce a a day filled with action and fun for the whole family, including the above HORNET, that will be in a Drag Race agains a gasoline guzzling classic Corvette.

The above video is from 2009 when CO2 E - Race in collaboration with Copenhagen Historic Grand Prix produced the first Electric Drag Race in Copenhagen between the Danish Electric LYNX and the US Electric Tesla. LYNX is also the provider of batteries for the Silver Giant as people in the Green Car area in the small country of Denmark are all one big family! (My couisin even works for Tesla here in Denmark!)

The above poster (click on it to enlarge) is to tell about the Smart Phone APP and Photo Competetion Element that CO2 E - Race have developed for the day, in collaboration with the programmer Henrik Gilvad. By scanning your Smart Phone over the QR Code, you automaticly download the APP and when you take photos with the APP on, they will be uploaded to a site where Yrs Truly will select the best photos of the day and post them on the Facebook Page belonging to Grønne Erhverv. The winner of the best photo will win tickets to a theater play called "Cykelmyggen Egon" (Egon The Bike Mosquito).

The day is part of another "Green Car" event between Denmark and Sweden called "Oresunds Rally"
that is "designed to help put the Oresund region on the world map" as their site says.

See more about the Electric Street & Drag Race on the Facebook event HERE
and go in a check out and "LIKE" the Facebook page of Grønne Erhverv HERE

Tuesday, September 6, 2011


The CO2 tag over Copenhagen's Amager District

The Video made about the day 

The start of the day; Installing the GPS APP and putting ORANGE dots on all the 33 participating vehicles

Mr. Green taking a look at the ORANGE Tesla from ELBILBLOGGEN & Mikkel deMib Svendsen, who also took the above photo.

Michael Wolffhechel in Mr. Green suit gives the last instructions for the CO2 tagging performance before the vehicles takes off

The Tagging performance starts down Njalsgade - with the Blue Tesla as number ONE and the three EV's from ChoosEV right behind.

Tagging the long line/back of the "C" in front of the Danish Broadcasting Headquarters (DR Huset)

Starting on the left side of the "O" tag witht he ChoosEV vehicles

The Toyota Plug-in Hybrid Turning from the top of the "O" on Amagerbrogade, turning down towards making the "2".

The EV from the Copenhagen Car Sharing Oraganization turning down Kastrupvej

The White Tesla from Vind Energi starting the "2" tag

The Blue Tesla heading the tagging performance, drawing the top of the "2" at the Triangle Square with a lovely sculpture installation of a couple danicing while a man plays harmonica. The installation is lit up in Green at night by the above lights hanging in the circle.

The Electric Fiat Fiorno from CPH Municipality being directed out onto Amagerbrogade for the last part of the "O" by Jacob Hartmann from Grønne Erhverv on his E Scooter.

The tagging performance taking a last turn from Amagerbrogade down Englandsvej with people in the streets smiling and interacting with Mr. Green and crew.

Of course Miss Green was also part of the performance, waving to people while sitting in the back of the Svenningsen's Grandma' Duck EV.

On the way back to Islands Brygge and the Cat Walk performance, the rain started to come down pretty hard, but that did not hold back the Mr. Green Crew from telling the people of Amager that "Come and experience the CO2 E - Race CatWalk peformance and Bikini Car Wash on Islands Brygge! Free Food, Free Drinks and Live Music!"

Tuesday, August 2, 2011


In connection to the projects collaboration with Exit Art and Earth Day in April 2011, two Danish Biomega bikes were donated to the project. One was given to Matthew Modine and the other was handed over to David Byrne to be pimped out with 12,000 Swarovski crystals and later raffled off by Exit Art to benefit their excellent non-profit Arts organization. Our good friends from Gold Mine Shit House came to the Exit Art Benefit event and did silkscreens on clothes and such that people brought along, along with live music and a lovely party.

The bike was won by Sinclaire Marber and if all goes well, can be seen in the future at one of the Art exhibitions in connection to the project as a sculpture.

If you have not read David Byrne's "Bicycle Diaries" yet, you should!

An avid cycler in addition to the lead singer of Talking Heads, wrote and arranged the following video, which is a "poem to the bicycle and the people who ride them." This was shown at the 2011 International Green Energy Economy Conference in Washington DC


On August 13th 2011, the 11th version of the CO2 E - Race Performance will take place in Copenhagen. The 3rd version of the project (after Milan and Riga) was also performed in Copenhagen during the UN Climate Conference COP15 in 2009, the very same day that Obama was in town and the streets were in chaos. This time around, the CO2 tag performance will be done over the area in Copenhagen called Amager, where Yrs Truly also lives. 

After the tag performance is done, there will be a "Cat Walk" on Islands Brygge. Islands Brygge (English: Iceland Quay) is a harbourfront area in central Copenhagen, located on the north-western coast of Amager. The neighbourhood is noted for its waterfront park Havneparken, which is one of the most popular areas along the Copenhagen harbourfront and the location of one of the Copenhagen Harbour Baths, with clean swimmable water in the middle of the city.

The abnove image from Google Earth is from Islands Brygge waterfront. The red line indicating where the cars will go from the street, over the little square where the pink rectangle indicates the location of the "Cat Walk" and the orange area the space where the vehicles will be exhibited.

With inspiration from the California environmentalist group "Angry Green Girls" there will be a "Bikini Cars Wash" on the waterfront during the afternoon in connection to the exhibition of vehicles, along with live music and music from "Karma Kanonen" that is a group of gentlemen who have rebuilt Christiania Bikes into sustainable sounds systems running on leg and sun power. Mr. Green and his lovely green suited crew will also join the day. Go to the Facebook Page HERE to see more and join the event!

Sunday, May 22, 2011


Mr. Green Crew was all over Times Square lead by Miss Green A.K.A Anne Gade Bjerrum, seen in the middle doing the double "E" hand sign. She is the younger sister of Mr. Green A.K.A Christian Gade Bjerrum that is currently teaching yoga in Mexico City, while preparing the city for CO2 E - Race in 2012.

There was posters all over Grand Central Station with the Earth Day announcement of CO2 E Drive and the Times Square fashion show of "Green Cars". The event included several aspects of Earth Day's awareness campaigns, such as "Reduce Carbon",  "Be Energy Aware" and "Travel Green".

In the above image you can see most of the GPS dots that represent the different cars are all in Times Square. The ones that did not go up to Times Square either went to Grand Central Station, back to the Solar One Building or to the premiere of "Revenge of the Electric Car" further down on 23rd Street. The interface and GPS devices was sponsored by US Fleet Tracking and the Re-play of the painting can be seen HERE

The Mr. Green Crew doing the "E" with the President of Toshiba, Mr. Fujii on Time Square, who there to support Red Cross efforts in Japan.

President for Earth Day New York, Pamela Lippe talking to the audience at Times Square with two Mr. Green's on stage next to her, in good Old School Public Enemy styles. It is also lovely to see that a Turkish man reaches out his hand saying "Be our Guests", welcoming America to Turkey.

The Green Car Fashion Show on the dedicated and rather colorful plaza on the Times Square that is looking more like a Amusement Park than what some might remember no longer than 15 years back, or from classic films like Taxi Driver. In the above, the Novozymes Bio Fueled Ford Focus takes its place on the catwalk, while the MC gives a small talk about the details of the car and what it does to make Earth a better place.

The Electric DeLorean by Dave Delman with red reflexion in the stainless steele from the lights of Times Square.

The Time Machine

The GM VOLT, about to cross the Yellow line.

The New York City Department of Transportation Plug-in Toyota Prius.

The NYC hybrid Trash Truck.

The All Electric Truck from Navistar

The NYC hybrid Truck

The New York Police Department Plug-in Toyota Prius

The NYC Hybrid Sweeper

The Nissan LEAF

The Li-ion Motors cars - the Red called Enizio and the Green called Wave

Lovely shapes and colors!

The Enizio parked with doors slid open and Mr.Green Crew guarding it.

The Wave won the The Progressive Insurance Automotive X PRIZE

The parked Novozymes Ford Focus

Once the Fashion show was over and the fences opened, the crowds flooded the parked cars and their representatives with questions about the vehicles.

Best Friends For Life - The Mr. Green Crew's "Green Nose" branding performance

"You've Made it Here" from Memphis and now you are wearing a green nose!

The Danish Wooden Kid's Bike from MILIOS

Mr. Green Flash mob performance with a Biomega Bike on Times Square

President of Earth Day New York, Pamela Lippe with her brand new Danish bike from ECO2 Bike

Miss Green on the "Copenhagen" Biomega Bike, that was donated to Matthew Modine, who just signed up for the next Batman film.

Times Square now also has an official "Naked Cowgirl" that is putting up a good battle against the "Naked Cowboy", who sued the first Naked Cowgirl because she was not up to par.

It was an amazing day and we were lucky with the weather, with sunshine in the morning. The very next day, the city was polished by a waterfall that gives the city a special vibe with the lights reflecting in the streets. Thanks again Earth Day New York for your huge effort in help making a dream come through and help spread the projects message of Climate Awareness.