Monday, February 23, 2009


The EMS design team are experts in designing electric propulsion components for light electric vehicles. The team had a very clear vision of what they wanted to achieve. They wanted a bicycle frame which looked like a very normal bicycle. They wanted a simple yet elegant and sleek design. They wanted to stay away from all the exotic frame designs or all the frame designs which made an electric bicycle look like a moped. E+ Electric Bicycle must look and feel like a normal bicycle.

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Sunday, February 15, 2009


Niel Young has decided that if music isn't going to save the world, a super-efficient car that can travel 100 km on two litres or less might.

"I think that the time when music could change the world is past," he told reporters in February. He said it's up to science, physics and spirituality to save the planet, and figures breaking America's addiction to oil will help end war.

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Thursday, February 12, 2009


"Denmark can show how Europe's electric car market will evolve

Both Better Place and BYD have chosen Denmark as the European launch pad for their contrasting electric car concepts
As regular readers of our news will know, the Danish government's decision as part of the current energy policy agreement to tax-exempt electric cars until at least 2012, has attracted a great deal of interest from automobile manufacturers worldwide. Hardly surprising either, considering that it's a 180% tax that has been lifted – no small price advantage against combustion engine competition.

The government's astute move has turned Denmark into a potential El-dorado, as electric car manufacturers have quickly grasped that in addition to the obvious financial incentive, the country's convenient size, abundance of green electricity generation (especially from wind), future-ready transport infrastructure, and population known for its climate consciousness as well as its fast adoption of new technologies, make Denmark an ideal European test bed for their electric car concepts.

Already, there are two fascinatingly contrasting approaches that are set to roll out here in the not-too-distant future, as professional journal Ingeniøren (The Engineer) reports.

One is Shai Agassi's Better Place electric car scheme, backed by Renault-Nissan and Denmark's leading integrated energy company DONG Energy. The key point to note about Better Place, which will start mass marketing in Denmark in 2011, is that you buy the car but not the battery – the latter component is leased.

Contrastingly, China's rapidly growing auto manufacturer BYD (Build Your Dreams), which has already announced that Denmark is to be the first European country where it will launch its pure electric E6 model and 3F DM hybrid – also in 2011 – will be selling the car complete with a battery which the company itself manufactures (one of the very few to do so).

Morten Rask of Århus University, who researches into electric car concepts, comments to Ingeniøren: "People are accustomed to buying cars that they can immediately drive, where all the components are integrated in the product. That's an advantage for BYD. On the other hand it requires that customers can be persuaded to pay for the battery, which is an extremely expensive component of an electric car."

Time will tell how the contrasting concepts of Better Place and BYD will be received by the purchasing public. But one thing is for sure. Denmark will be the first to provide the answers, and is set to serve as a bellwether for the potential evolution of the coming electric mass-transport market in Europe."

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The Bose Energy Efficient Series system is based on proprietary design enabling lighter, smaller and more efficient components, while maintaining a high level of audio performance.
By using advanced switching amplification, high motor force speakers and proprietary control circuitry, the amount of power the system uses is reduced by half. Energy Efficient Series audio components are lighter and smaller than comparable Bose components, helping to reduce overall vehicle mass.

We also look forward to when the speakers are placed on the outside of the Electric cars, producing sounds of warning that can be directed towards people in the streets or animals on the roads.


Sunday, February 8, 2009


It involves cars that can plug into an electrical outlet and, thereby, the electric grid. The owner charges her car during low-peak period, like when she's sleeping. And allows the utility company to tap her car's battery when electricity demand is super high, like during the middle of a hot summer day. The concept could revolutionize the electric power grid and at the same time, put money directly into consumer pockets.

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Thursday, February 5, 2009


The Orbiting Carbon Observatory is the first spacecraft dedicated to studying carbon dioxide in Earth’s atmosphere. Carbon dioxide is the main human-produced driver of climate change. The satellite will provide the first global picture of human and natural sources of carbon dioxide and will find places on Earth where it is stored.
The Orbiting Carbon Observatory will collect millions of measurements of atmospheric carbon dioxide every 16 days, providing uniform global coverage.

Source & Image credit: NASA/JPL
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