Monday, December 16, 2013


When American troops began to leave the Philippines at the end of World War II, hundreds of surplus jeeps were sold or given to the Philippinos. The Electric Jeep above is made by the local Jeep producer MD Juan. 

Lead Batteries up front looking alot like an abstract painting or sculpture. Very clean and CO2 long as the batteries are discharged or recycled in a sustainable way.

The Pimped up version of the Jeep is called a Jeepney and can be seen all over Manila, driving people all over for next to nothing, except huge amounts of air pollution. Since they are not electric, the motors used in the Jeepneys comes from old second hand japanese cars without filters.

The above video tells the history of the development of a the Philippine MD Juan Car Company that makes the Electric MB as part of their CSR strategy. 

The sight of the Electric Jeep, made me think of the Estonian Car Company ZEV Motors who has done a similar project by converting another National Iconic car as the Russian Pobeda.

When the above photo was taken, a serious rain shower took place in Riga and the weater was rather cold. In Manila during the CAR Manila event, it was warm at 4am in the morning. When it comes to rain, the Philippines has had their share. 

Right before the CAR Manila event, Yolanda had swept over the Islands located probably as east as one get from Riga. The above image is from the little Art Town called Angono, Rizal an hour away in a Jeepney from Metro Manila. The images seen in the media of the distaster of Yolanda's fury over the Philippines was one my mind, along with the powerful speech by Yeb Sano at COP 19. See some of the most heartbreaking images by Rahman Roslan HERE

This speech blew my mind and was to me the strongest speech at any COP event so far. Hopefully the decisionmakers will listen to these words in the negotiations for the future of the climate on Mother Earth. 

During the different interactions that was made in Manila, at for example above Rizal Technological University, there were talks about this amazing and moving speech. The climate situation is a constant present part of life for people in the Philippines, but they are never far away from a smile! 

The Jose Protacio Mercado Rizal Alonso Realonda Sculpture at The Rizal Technological University

The Rizal Technological University (RTU) is located in Metro Manila with a great perspective on education:

The Philosophy
The Rizal Technological University believes in nurturing the creative potentials of Filipinos to excel in a dynamic world order and advocates commitment to global peace and sustainable development along with sense of moral responsibility and cultural patronage

The Mission

To prepare students to create their future in a knowledge-driven and culturally diverse society.

The Vision

A prominent University recognized for its commitment to innovative programs in addressing society's challenges.

The above image is of a Electric Bus filled with RTU students who was part of the performance. By doing so, they were part of the performance as the artists, the brush and the paint by having the GPS App downloaded on their smart phones.

The above Electric Bss from TECO with the students onboard and a lovely banner about the event in the front. TECO is in the Philippines know for their Air Conditioners, LED TV's and various other electronic appliences, but they have also made tis Electric Bus as part of their CSR program.

There was a meeting with all the police involved in the performance ahead of time to give the orders for what each and everyone should do and be at along the AIR tag route. Never has so many policemen been involved with the project, helping us out to create Street Art in a city.

The COMET Electric Bus Getting Ready for the Future!

TECO's Electric Tri-Bike in Orange.

The Yellow Electric School Bus

The Crew from Barangay Cyclists Energetic getting ready for the Performance Ride.

The start of the performance painting the "R" in AIR - as seen right below in the web interface image.

Check out Part 2 of the performance HERE!

The CAR Manila Video made by Clean Air Asia

Wednesday, December 4, 2013


The water that had overflowed many towns outside Manila was still present many weeks after Yolanda had made her devestating visit. However, Metro Manila was spared and the CAR Manila event was produced as planned.

The above "AIR" tag was produced with the help of Electric Cars and Bikes and in the next post, the whole Manila experience will be described in more detail. Meanwhile, go to Instagram and look for the Hashtag #CARManila for images from the day.

Sunday, November 24, 2013


The above is the poster for the CAR Manila Instagram Photo Contest that will be held up til the events, where a winner(s) of the contest, judged by Jacob Fuglsang Mikkelsen will win some special awards to be presented at Electric Vehicle Exhibition at Meralco Theaters.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013


CAR-Manila, organized by Clean Air Asia, Partnership for Clean Air, CO2 Green Drive and Electric Vehicles Association of the Philippines (eVAP), will be held on November 29th, 2013 

The tag in Manila will be "AIR" and will be done by Electric Cars, Bikes and various other green vehicles

The Eagle Electric Vehicle from the Phillipines by the Phillipino engineer Gerry Caroro is if nothing else, Green

This version of the Eagle even has winged doors, DeLorean styles

Laern more about the Eagle in above video

The original CO2 Neutral form of transportation in Manila, called a Kalesa

The so called "Side Car Boys" of Manila are also a classic way of transportation in the streets. I strongly suggest to see the above video about the heroes on bikes.

The Legendary King of the Manila Streets called The Jeepney

Learn all about the Jeepney in above video

Now the Electric Jeepney can be seen on the streets of Manila

Above video about the Electric Jeepney

The Philippines will build an electric vehicle industry using a $300 million ADB loan, reducing carbon dioxide emissions by 260,000 tons and doubling incomes for tricycle drivers.

See more about the Tri-cycles in above video

Street Art Mural in Manila

Stay Tuned for more about CAR MANILA coming soon!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013


Germany is of course known for its cars being some of the best in the world and Berlin known as the Mecca of Street Art.

This includes the Classic Beetle, that can be seen above, as Electric, burning rubber on the Drag Race track

One can see Electric Cars plugged in all over the city. Above the Three Seater MIA, that goes fast and far enough for city driving and can be found at Lautlos

There are also the Citroen Multicity electric car with fancy Purple Honeycomb design

At the airport, it became very clear that at least 1/3 of all the Taxi's were Hybrids, such as the above line of Toyota Prius's.

The Electric Smart Car could also be seen in the streets and charging at strategically placed chargers.

The above video about the Electric Smart Car with our friend John Voelcker from Green Car Reports, who also wrote a lovely story about CO2 E Drive in New York 2012. Read it HERE.

A little Bird has told us that Tesla is currently installing Super Chargers along the Auto Bahn.

 "With six Supercharger stations already being built in Germany, Musk promised that by the end of March 2014, more than half the German population would be within range of a Supercharge. By the end of 2014, Tesla aims to have the whole country covered."

The Electric Light seems to shine of Germany and Berlin these days and we hope to produce the project in Berlin sometimes in the near future!

Biking in Berlin is also a great experience and Electric Bikes can be rented all around the city.

Thursday, September 12, 2013


 A large selection of international artists will be the building foundation of SA_EVA (Sound Art for Electric Vehicles Association) and on April 5th 2013, they Occupied Sound for Electric Vehicles in general, forever after.

 If they had not done this, the area would have been completely taken over by the Car Industry. This is a whole new arena for the Art of Sound, and should be dedicated to creating a new outlet for Sound Art. Sound that both has a practical use in traffic, but also plays inside the Electric Vehicle for the driver. Free Artistic expression relating to the Intentional Art Concept Framework of CO2 Green Drive, will be part of the final exhibition of the project, where the Sound aspect will have an essential role.

The opening event for the launch of SA_EVA (Eva was of course also the first woman in the Bible) was held at Dome of Visions (above) as part of a CO2 Green Drive event held there. Of course a Tesla was parked outside, to give the audience an understanding what this Electric Car hype is all about...

See the above image in motion below:

In the above video with SA_EVA artists Søren Raagaard, Yann Coppier and Runar Magnusson performing at the event, a piece they call "All about Water".

The lovely "All About Water" E - Flyer

 Runar (above) had earlier in the day told about his vision of future electric cars playing the sound of Water through speakers placed in the cars. A sound that could be downloaded from the online
 SA_EVA Sound Library.

The above video was used as a social media teaser for the various videos that was made in connection to the events at Dome of Vision with both the CO2 Green Drive Project and The Triangle Project. They were filmed by Maj Christensen and some of them was also filmed by TV Marinated TV, as the one above Maj's above video, with the "All about Water" performance and the one below with Gry.

Gry Bagøien is another SA_EVA artist who was also part of The Triangle Project in Istanbul 2007.

Above DJ Hvad is another artists in the Association.

Plans are underway to exhibit the artists of SA_EVA in St Petersburg in the spring of 2014.

For more about  April 5th 2013 go HERE

Thursday, June 13, 2013


The Copenhagen CO2 Tag

Yrs Truly taking off towards Helsingør from Christiansborgs Slotsplads

The Helsingør CO2 Tag

The Amazing Grace Electric Bike with Øresund and Windmills in the Horizon

The Helsingborg CO2 Tag

The Helsinborg CO2 Tag done in collaboration with local Environmental Politician

Taking off from Helsingborg towards Landskrona

The Landskrona CO2 Tag

The CO2 Tag in Landskrona done in collaboration with local Politician

The last CO2 Tag done by Electric Bikes was done in Malmø.

The Malmø CO2 tag done in collaboration with Elin Brokvist from "Grøna Bilister"

Winn some good stuff by going HERE to vote for the Tag you think is best and be part of the Competition
hosted by Copenhagen's Municipality "Grønne Erhverv"