Monday, September 17, 2012


The above video is from the Vilnius version of the project in 2010. The video includes many of the aspects and possibilities of the project. One exception was the the Bikini Car Wash Concept, but does include the Drag Race Concept, in the end of the video. What is also missing in the video is that there was a conference and screening of "Who Killed the Electric Car" with a following Q and A.
For more VIDEO's from CO2 Green Drive/CO2 E - Race go the Youtube Channel HERE

Tuesday, September 11, 2012


The Copenhagen Art Run is an interactive Art, Action and Spiritual Experience in the lovely surroundings of Ishøj Beach, right next to ARKEN Moderne Museum of Art. It's not about who runs fastests or gets into goal first, but rather a way to co-create, interact and enjoy Nature, Art and Each Other. It takes place on September 12th, 2012 and is produced by VIBE. For more info about the event go HERE.

The above image with the Pink Triangle is the START of the Art Run and is placed just below the Art Museum ARKEN - that by the way is designed by Søren Robert Lund, who at the time when he won the design competition was a student.

Like Noah, he created an Ark. An Ark for Art. The above image of the brilliant design, is taken by Ronald Tilleman if you have not noticed.

Seen in the BLUE line above is the route for the runners. Based on this line, a CO2 tag will be created with the help of the CO2 Green Drive Smartphone APP. An APP that was created by our VERY jatlagged programmer Henrik The Gilvader, right upon touchdown from Burning Man and CO2 tag number 24.

The above flyer is what will be at START for the runners so they can take their Smartphones, scan the QR Code and thereby download and activate the GPS Tagging APP. Once they go on the run, the CO2 tag is produced when they move into the area that is programmed to pick up their signal. You can see the 25th CO2 Tag HERE, while it is being made and forever after. (Click on image to enlarge)

The above was the first Sketch for the CO2 tag for Copenhagen Art Run, but was too big.

Maybe it can be done like this next year? There is also many other Art Projects around on the Run. One such project is by Jakob Bue and Kasper Lynge Jensen with their project "Color Compostions with Dynamite and Weather" and one is said to expect: Dynamit, Paint, Pyramids and Runners. Mr. Lynge Jensen is also the man behind Sejerø Festival and part of The Triangle Project.

And Finally the Fine tune "Running Man" by the Danish Gentlemen from WhoMadeWho


The above was the CO2 Tag that was done during Copenhagen Art Run 2012.

COPENHAGEN ART RUN 2012 from Wonderful Copenhagen on Vimeo.

Looking forward to next year!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012


The Smartphone Interface showing the performed CO2 tag at Burning Man 2012.
More images, videos and stories about how it went will be posted soon!