Wednesday, September 2, 2015


Great News! Even if the newly elected Danish government has killed the high ambitions for CO2 reductions and support for a greener and cleaner Danish future, the Copenhagen Municipality and Region has supported a new brilliant initiative.

In above image Kåre Albrechsen from Copenhagen Electric and the PR manager from Arriva in the back, at the opening event for the initiative at Copenhagens Municicpality Building infront of a huge excited crowd.

BMW, Arriva, Copenhagen Electric and Copenhagen Municipality has in a ground breaking collaboration started one of the most ambitious Electric Car Sharing concepts in the world.

Again, Copenhagen is in the forefront for Electric Cars, while the current so-called "Black Government" has let the oil and gas industry lobby corrupt their climate policies. Three steps forward and two steps back.

Go and register for free now, to start using the lovely BMWi3, that by the way was also exhibited at our "100 Years of Electric Cars" in 2014 at Øksnehallen, representing the latest electric car in a timeline going 100 years back.