Wednesday, March 21, 2012


For Earth Day 2012: Mobilize The Earth
the Danish Cultural Institute and CO2 Green Drive is partnering with Earth Day Network and Earth Day New York for a global event to shed new light on climate issues through the combination of art and technology: The CO2 Green Drive Project.
The CO2 Green Drive main event is the emblematic convoy of eco-friendly transportation solutions, including, alternative fuel powered vehicles, bicycles, runners, pedestrians etc. completing a route though cities across the world in the shape of a “CO2” or “E”. Via a specially developed Smartphone GPS tracking application the completion of the route and the ensuing CO2/E paintings can be visually traced live on a designated website.

In collaboration with local partners around the world and Earth Day Network CO2 Green Drive is now being prepared for several major cities during Earth Day 2012: Mobilize The Earth.

Earth Day New York will “tag” Manhattan with a huge “E” painting using electric vehicles. The activities will come to their climax on Times Square with a Car Fashion Show, exhibition activities and screening of the E painting on the famous Toshiba Screen also used for New Years’ festivities.

In collaboration with Dakar City Hall, LEAD Africa, the farmers’ association COLUFIFA, Danish NGO Cykler til Senegal and other partners in Senegal and Denmark a convoy of bicycles will embark on a 350 km long route through Senegal from mid-April culminating with a CO2 painting in Dakar on April 22nd.

In India, CO2 Green Drive is collaborating with La Ultra – The High that is organizing a 24 hour relay-run April 21-22 in Bangalore. Other cities in India are also considering the project.

In Denmark, it will be done in the city of Horsens in collaboration with Produktionsskolen, Horsens Kommune, Odder Højskole, Mellemfolkeligt Samvirke, ASV, Ungdomsskolen, Musikskolen, Biblioteket, Horsens Garden and Energi Horsens. See more on the Facebook page HERE

In Japan, it will be done by foot in a park in the city of Yokohama by Michael Wolfhechel.

In Chile, it will be done with bikes in Santiago in collaboration with Biomega Bikes

We welcome all cities, organizations, companies, volunteers and others to be part of the CO2 Green Drive activities. If you wish to join kindly forward (1) a short description of the event you wish to organize, (2) a short description of what “brushes” (eg. electric/hybrid/biofuel vehicles, bicycles, runners, pedestrians, stilt walkers etc.) you will be employing to complete the route and (3) a CO2 route proposal.
Subject to project details and time permitting the Smartphone Application can then be programmed to “paint” the route you suggest.

For further information please contact:

Bangalore: 24 hr Earth Day Run Bangalore (Facebook)
contact: drrajatchauhan (at)