Friday, September 23, 2011


At the same time as the Electric Drag and Street Race, there was a Electric Rally. See more in the above film that is in Danish.

 Renault Fluence ZE vs. Dragster - The Dragster Won!

The Electric Hornet vs. The Dragster - The Dragster Won!

The Tesla vs. Ford Mustang - The Tesla Won!

The Tesla vs. Ford Mustang - The Tesla Won as you can see above!

The Tesla vs. The Silver Corvette - The Tesla Won!

The Tesla vs. The White Corvette - The Tesla Won!

The Tesla vs. The White Corvette - The Tesla Won as you can see above!

One of the main Taxi Companies in Copenhagen plans to have a fleet of Nissan LEAF's, just like in New York and in Mexico City. Here the LEAF drives agains the most common Taxi in Copenhagen, a Mercedes.
The LEAF Won!

The Dragrace between trash trucks from different Municipalities in the Copenhagen Region.

A normal gasoline scooter let's out as much CO2 as a 24 wheel truck, due to its lack of filters and low tech motors. The electric scooter is amazing to ride on and let's out o CO2. In the drag race above it outran the gasoline scooter by far.

Above is two electric MC's against each other. it was pretty even.

The above photo won the Smart Phone APP photo contest that was produced by CO2 E - Race for the day.

See more about the contest in THIS post

Wednesday, September 7, 2011


The above image is of The Electric Hornet developed by our friends "True Cousins", that I have written about before in connection to their electric Drag Race Bike called "Silver Giant" (see below) that currently holds a world record as being the fastest in its category. Read about it in THIS post. 

On September 10th 2011, the department within the Copenhagen Municipality called "Grønne Erhverv" translated to "Copenhagen Green Business Network", will produce a a day filled with action and fun for the whole family, including the above HORNET, that will be in a Drag Race agains a gasoline guzzling classic Corvette.

The above video is from 2009 when CO2 E - Race in collaboration with Copenhagen Historic Grand Prix produced the first Electric Drag Race in Copenhagen between the Danish Electric LYNX and the US Electric Tesla. LYNX is also the provider of batteries for the Silver Giant as people in the Green Car area in the small country of Denmark are all one big family! (My couisin even works for Tesla here in Denmark!)

The above poster (click on it to enlarge) is to tell about the Smart Phone APP and Photo Competetion Element that CO2 E - Race have developed for the day, in collaboration with the programmer Henrik Gilvad. By scanning your Smart Phone over the QR Code, you automaticly download the APP and when you take photos with the APP on, they will be uploaded to a site where Yrs Truly will select the best photos of the day and post them on the Facebook Page belonging to Grønne Erhverv. The winner of the best photo will win tickets to a theater play called "Cykelmyggen Egon" (Egon The Bike Mosquito).

The day is part of another "Green Car" event between Denmark and Sweden called "Oresunds Rally"
that is "designed to help put the Oresund region on the world map" as their site says.

See more about the Electric Street & Drag Race on the Facebook event HERE
and go in a check out and "LIKE" the Facebook page of Grønne Erhverv HERE

Tuesday, September 6, 2011


The CO2 tag over Copenhagen's Amager District

The Video made about the day 

The start of the day; Installing the GPS APP and putting ORANGE dots on all the 33 participating vehicles

Mr. Green taking a look at the ORANGE Tesla from ELBILBLOGGEN & Mikkel deMib Svendsen, who also took the above photo.

Michael Wolffhechel in Mr. Green suit gives the last instructions for the CO2 tagging performance before the vehicles takes off

The Tagging performance starts down Njalsgade - with the Blue Tesla as number ONE and the three EV's from ChoosEV right behind.

Tagging the long line/back of the "C" in front of the Danish Broadcasting Headquarters (DR Huset)

Starting on the left side of the "O" tag witht he ChoosEV vehicles

The Toyota Plug-in Hybrid Turning from the top of the "O" on Amagerbrogade, turning down towards making the "2".

The EV from the Copenhagen Car Sharing Oraganization turning down Kastrupvej

The White Tesla from Vind Energi starting the "2" tag

The Blue Tesla heading the tagging performance, drawing the top of the "2" at the Triangle Square with a lovely sculpture installation of a couple danicing while a man plays harmonica. The installation is lit up in Green at night by the above lights hanging in the circle.

The Electric Fiat Fiorno from CPH Municipality being directed out onto Amagerbrogade for the last part of the "O" by Jacob Hartmann from Grønne Erhverv on his E Scooter.

The tagging performance taking a last turn from Amagerbrogade down Englandsvej with people in the streets smiling and interacting with Mr. Green and crew.

Of course Miss Green was also part of the performance, waving to people while sitting in the back of the Svenningsen's Grandma' Duck EV.

On the way back to Islands Brygge and the Cat Walk performance, the rain started to come down pretty hard, but that did not hold back the Mr. Green Crew from telling the people of Amager that "Come and experience the CO2 E - Race CatWalk peformance and Bikini Car Wash on Islands Brygge! Free Food, Free Drinks and Live Music!"