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The above image is of the first Ukrainian Electric Car "Electra", created by a 75 year old Ukrainian former aviator engineer and inventor. It does look a bit like the DeLorean, minus the winged doors. Great to see this existing! 

The image and above video was made by Zachary Shahan of Clean Technica and shows that Ukraine also has and have had good intentions in regards to the future of Electric Cars.

 There was held a presentation in EVIM conference ( talking about CO2 Green Drive and the Danish model for electric mobility.

Some of the participants and the great team behind EVIM

One of the EVIM team member spent her whole time at the conference drawing portraits of the different participants...nice touch...kind of like courtroom drawings, without the court..

Above of Yrs Truly

There was also a presentation in "The Investment Forum" Pavillion at the Conference, where The Alternative was also presented.

One of my favoutrite presentations was by Sergiy Velchevabout his Electric Conversion of the classic Ukrainian Zaporizhya "ZAZ - 966" car. Great conversion with one of the best battery packs that can go the furthest of any converted car I ever heard of - 500 km on one charge, and up to 130 Km/h. An interesting detail is that Ukraine has large reserves of Lithium, so they have a great potential to become a large scale producer of Lithium ION battery packs.

CANactions is an international platform for communication and cooperation between people and institutions with different professional backgrounds which are focused on providing positive changes in existing cities by dealing with the volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity of contemporary world. Since its establishment in 2008 in Kiev, CANactions has become one of the biggest Ukrainian movements aimed at spreading world-best practices in the field of Architecture and Urbanism. CANactions unites people who believe that responsibility, versatility, and transparency are the most relevant values for any professional nowadays.
Currently CANactions runs an annual International Architecture Festivala regular Public Program, and an interdisciplinary School for Urban Studies.

A presentation was held at the CANactions School for Urban Studies, with a great group of young students and specially invited.

Introduction was done by the brilliant and always smiling Anastasiia Isakii, who is also part of the EVIM Team.

The show is always introduced with a story about Nicola Tesla, who is of great inpiration to CO2 Green Drive and Alternative Energy ideas in general.

Nikola Tesla is often called one of history’s most important inventors, one whose discoveries in the field of electricity were way ahead of his time and continue to influence technology today. 

However, he is not mentioned in any school books, as one of the most brilliant humans ever alive. Why is this? Because he knew Energy could be created for free, and without fossil fuels?

Talking about the World Largest Spiral of Electric Cars, creating a energy vortex to create contact and mirroring the sacred geometry spiral in the universe. 

Examples of where the Sacred Geometry patterns appear in nature

The actual Spiral of Electric Power seen above from a Drone!

A presentation was held at National University of Management Staff of Culture and Arts (NAKKIM) and is a nationalco-educational research university located in Kiev. NAKKIM is located on the grounds of the ancient Pechersky hills, close to the churhes with the golden roof, as seen above.

The great Director Anatoliy Zhyrnov, of Urban Design and Architecture at NAKKIM

A lovely stroll on the school grounds with students and Carina Mylin from The Royal Danish Embassy of Kiev.

Anastasiia Isakii once again introducing CO2 Green Drive to the students. It was long time ago I was able to write on a chalkboard...brought back many memories...

The presentation/show/performance of course also includes the story about the Bison Bull. The theory and story that has greatly inspired the concept of the CO2 Green Drive Project.

Imagine trying to kill this huge animal with sticks and stones!

Some of the students knew about the TV Show "Broen/Bron", that takes place in Copenhagen and Malmo.
To the right in the image, Denis Rudiak from IVEM. 

A TV show that is produced as a collaboration between Denmark and Sweden, that in some way always includes the Øresund Bridge between the two countries.

The very same Bridge that CO2 Green Drive set a Guinness World Record on in September 2014, for The Longest Parade of Electric Cars. Thanks again to John Krøll for the wonderful photo of the parade!

To end the wonderful visit at the National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy, a little lunch celebration was held in "The Room of Light" in connection to the art studios of the school.

The traditinal food was delicious and a cheers was held in Champagne!

Other than Yrs Truly and Carina Mylin to the right, the people in the photo, including Anastasiia, are members of AIESEC. They will continue the work and vision of CO2 Green Drive and The Wave Project in the spring of 2016. Text about AIESEC from their website:

"By providing every member of AIESEC a set of core values that we live by everyday. We are able to develop the leadership potential of young people by engaging them early-on with a values-based environment that shapes their behaviours. We enable young people to build a strong foundation of core values as they develop into responsible and entrepreneurial young leaders. Enabling them to be empowered to carry these AIESEC values throughout their lives in making more responsible decisions that will positively impact the world."

Hromadske International is an effort to bring high-quality journalism, new media tools and objective analysis to one place. Hromadske is a vibrant start-up, founded by a unique team of Ukrainian and foreign journalists. With the launch of Hromadske International, the network now broadcasts in Ukrainian, English and Russian. Hromadske is here to fill a huge gap we've spotted in Ukrainian news. Rather than countering the mounting mistruths about Ukraine, we're here to show what's happening now, and to provide crucial insights into the situation.

A TV interview was done for The Hromadske Network. They pride themselves on its impartiality. Journalists founded and run the organisation, and the funding comes from viewers and non-profit organisations. They have no ties to the Ukrainian government or business groups. Launched on the eve of some of the most tumultuous days in the country’s history, Hromadske.TV became the go-to medium for Ukrainians — the place to discover and make sense of what was happening in the country. Hromadske.TV revolutionised the digital media landscape in Ukraine, and is the first news medium to successfully target young audiences. It has gained their trust by doing remarkable things within an incredibly tight budget.

Above the video that was made, more info:

The last presentation was done at "Creative Management Camp"

Here one of the big discussions became about "Gender Equality" and the idea of using women to sell products to men. I told the audience about the fact that when we did the "Bikini Car Wash" performance in Copenhagen, it could only be done with men. This due to Danish Poltical Correctness and respect to women. The many good arguments for and against this idea was enlightening, not only for me, but hopefully also for the audience. 

Above is one of the videos that was produced for the "Bikini Car Wash" performance.
Thanks once again to Mr. Green and Christian Gade Bjerrum for the wonderful performance!

Above two women seen at the Conference that CO2 Green Drive was part of, with the website of the company they did promotion for written across their chests. Could this happen in Denmark, or Sweden for that matter?

Downtown Kiev - It is not hard to see how a "CO2" route could be found in the street grid!

On a walk in the city, this amazing light was seen shining on the organic (?) fruits of Ukraine. 

The final dinner was held in a traditional Ukrainian Restaurant, that most of all looked like a Hobbit House out of Lord of the Rings. The dinner was held with the Director of IVEM Denis Radiuk and Jaroslav Belinsky from Creative Management. Flamed Duck and the classic Horseradish Vodka, amazing taste!

Thanks to The Danish Ministry of Culture and the Cultural Attache Carina Mylin at The Royal Embassy of Denmark in Kiev, for supporting the adventure!

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