Thursday, August 11, 2016


Back To The Future from Made To Create on Vimeo.

Quotes from a text about Intentional Art by Ann-Sofie Nielsen Greamaud

"Intentional Art has been formulated as a manifesto highlighting a number of characteristic features: primarily the artworks are to be communicative and have a clear message, the artworks are anti-establishment, political, revolutionary, collective and democratic, process oriented and based on non-violent expressions."

"The focus of art projects defined as intentional art – such as those of the Triangle Project – is on political change through direct involvement of the audience. Therefore many artworks are performance and workshop-based."

"One term that pops up frequently in connection with these projects is responsibility. Theories from the Frankfurt School about the emancipatory potential of modern art to expose aspects of capitalism to the public and inspire political change echo in the project. The cave is used as metaphor for the current position of the global individual as consumer and cave paintings are used as a prime example of human creative interpretation of challenges ahead. This parable is used as conceptual foundation for the project’s expression of art’s political potential."

"The focus in the artistic activities and engagements is on environmental awareness, alternative energy, social and economical inequality."

"The process and outcome of artistic activism is thought within democratic frames and as it is often the case in political performance art, the boarders between artist and audience are fluid as the participators all become creators."

"The group members describe the project as a living cell that is transformed and constantly changes shape, however always with an emphasis on intention. Finally, based on the idea that if enough people share an intent, chances are that this intent will materialize. Thus, a key statement of intentional art is: Be the Change You Want to see in the World."

During the spring of 2016, the CO2 Green Drive Project brought the the ideas and adventures in the project, out to the schools of Copenhagen. The kids were introduced to the history of art, fossil fuels, the car industry and how fossil fuels have impacted earths climate with CO2 and NOx and wars effecting our current society. There were also shown films about the 7 year adventures of how the CO2 Green Drive has been around the world, spreading the good word about a possible green future with alternative energy. The learning project continues in the fall and winter of 2016, with a grand finale at COP22 in Marrakesh. It is a collaboration with Louis Palmer and The Wave Project, along with a long list of partners.
(see them in the end of above video)

The children were given the oppertunity to write and illustrate their own intents of how they personally will to to be part of creating a better world. The were given a feeling that also their voice will be heard, and that everyones voice is important. A shared intent from children around the world, with a message to tell the world leaders at COP22, that they need to take some drastic measures to create a better world, for them and their children, and their grand children.

After about an hour of information and stories from Jacob Fuglsang Mikkelsen, the children were given cards, that were exactly measured to fit into the giant mosaic of cards to be shown in both Geneva and Marrakech.

The final Mosaic of cards will be photographed with a high resolution drone camera, so each card can be seen online by zooming in on the image. This mean that all the children that participated in the project, will be able to see their own card, among many thousands of cards from children worldwide.

Above card says: "Use electricity and make it yourself"

"I will plant a three"

"I will use an electric car"

"I will bike more"

"I will send my clothes to other people who need it, when I can't fit it myself"

Sitting in an electric car!

Be the "E" handsign borrowed from Earth Day New York!

After the cards were done in Copenhagen, they were sent to Bremerhaven where they were put into the large scale mosaic.

The United Nations Building in Geneva.
The Electric Cars who brought the cards from Bremerhaven to Geneva in a 1,5 C formation on Place des Nations.
The Geneva Mosaic
The Geneva Mosaic - placing the cards out for the Guinness World Record.
Keeping the cards in place with bottles.
Some of the more than 9000 cards in the mosaic
Speech by Adam Rogers from UNDP
Speech by Maria Louises who is the Director of UNDP's office in Geneva
Maria Louises, Director of UNDP's office in Geneva

The Costa Rica's Representantive at the UN, Ambassador H.E. Elayne Whyte Gomez.
The initiator and spearhead behind The Wave Project - Louis Palmer!
The Drone taking the high resolution images.
International Press documenting
The cards are brought back into safety before the storm

Ready to continue the travels to COP22 in Marrakech!

Finally an image from Ukraine, with the children that participated there in collaboration with our good friends from EVIM that we have met in previous adventures, that you can read more about HERE

The photo of the Card Mosaic

Finally the video of the version made in Marrakech in connection to COP22 - A new Guinness World Record in the largest mosaic of greeting cards!

Thanks for everyone who was involved, and of course most of all, the kids all over the world who created their cards to be part of the record attempt, showing their intent of a better world in text and drawings!