Wednesday, November 4, 2009


The HOPE, was the first Danish Electric car produced in 1982. However, it was never put into final production and has become a sad legendary story about a failed Danish industrial dream. The story told as part of the workshops and story telling at the Danish National Museum, was to tell children that "even if you fail once, you should always get back up on the horse and try again"

The above recycled cardboard version of the "Hope" car was designed by Jacob Fuglsang Mikkelsen and Will Gurley, who is also one of the main designers for Copenhagen's Tivoli Gardens.

The children each got a "kit" with the many different parts for building their own Hope.

The above is an example of a "pimped up" version of the Hope car, made by one of the children, along with workshops and performances at the Danish National Museum every sunday in November 2009.

Captian Hope - The Climate Super Hero also came and entertained the kids!

...and of course Mr. Green and his climate clown posse

"Pimp my Hope" - The children wrote their hopes for the future on the large Hope Car parts in a workshop and then together with Will and Jacob assembled it into the above 3D cardboard car.

See more on the Museum's website HERE

Short Danish Story about the Original Hope Car

The "What If" story about "What If" the Danish Hope Whisper Electric Car would have been a Success? Where would Denmark be in the Electric Car Industry 2009? The Past could have made our current Future, just a little bit better place to be.

Thank's to Smurfit Kappa for sponsorship of the cardboard and FREE FORM for cutting out the Hope shapes in the cardboard

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