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Copenhagen won the nomination for European Green Capital in 2014 and the opening events of the year for Sharing Copenhagen, was on January 22nd held all over Copenhagen City. It was among many events celebrated by lighting candles spelled out in various texts symbolising thoughts, desires, visions and challenges in a co-creation manifestation.

One of the visions created with the help of candles was HOPE TROPHY. A project that also will be part of Sharings Copenhagen's Mobility Weeks events in September 2014.

The first Danish Electric Car was called HOPE. Above you can see the HOPE Whisper, which is exhibited at Denmark's Technical Museum's "100 Years of Danish Electric Cars" and Hopefully also in Copenhagen during Mobility Weeks.

The Hope Trophy Project is a spinn-off from the concept of CO2 Green Drive and will take place around the Baltic Sea in 2014. Stay tuned for more on the project in future posts.

Copenhagens new Mayor Morten Kabel from Enhedslisten (Rather left wing Danish Political Party) opened the evening in the lovely Copenhagen Municipality Building. There was food and drinks for everyone and a large group of Copenagen citizens was gathered to enjo the evening.

About Copenhagen as the Green Capital of Europe.

There was also an award show for the best Instagram photo tagged with #delditkbh of images taken in Copenhagen by smartphone users with an instagram account. In the above photo you can see Kim Ahm who was the winner of the competition taking yet another Instagram photo.

The above winning image by Kim Ahm reminds me of Cartier Bresson's classic photo

However Kim Ahm's photo is taken at Kalvebod Brygge on the waterfront of Copenhagen, and not in the streets of Paris as above.

The above video shows (at 00.22) more about the waterfront in the center of Copenhagen where the water has been cleaned and can be used for swimming.

The image from Islands Brygge by Thomas Rousing

Another winner by Anette Ingerslev Gundesen from The Red Square at Superkilen.

The Sun over Amager Fælled by Nikolaj Thoning

And finally a water reflexion image by Kenneth Nguyen from Kultorvet

After the opening event, there was a dinner in the amazing Mayors Hall on the second floor of the Municipality Building. In the above image Copenhagen's Mayor Frank Jensen addresses the guests with a speech about how proud he was that Copenhagen had won the nomination for Green City of Europe.
In Copenhagen Mr Jensen is most well know for being a strong speaker for legalizing green smoking activities. There was also a number of other activities, such as Burlesque, a huge choir and several hard hitting speeches talking about the current climate status of Earth.

There was a food from MadMobilen cooked by a large group ethnic women who had prepared food from their countries with a much more exotic flavor than most classic Danish foods. There was however classic Royal Danish porcelain with the Blue Flutet hand painted pattern, whereupon Pancakes was served.

Hans Christian Andersen was present in form of a Bust, where people who pass by rub his nose for good luck. 

The Second Day of Launching Sharing Copenhagen included a mass jump into the ice cold water on the Islandsbrygge side of the waterfront.

More about Sharing Copenhagen go HERE

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