Thursday, June 19, 2014


CO2 Green Drive and Earth Day New York collaborated for the fourth time on the annual Global Earth Day celebration, on April 22nd 2014. The "Green Car Cat Walk" performance was done on Union Square by Mr Green along with a variation of Bikes and Electric & Plug-in Hybrid vehicles. 

The official video from The New York Mayors office, with a speech by Mayor Bill Di Blasio that also joined in on the celebrations.

Toyota, who has been the main partner in the production for a couple of years, had a large variety of vehicles that who had an alternative to the Combustion Engine. Their #greenitabit promotional concept, wanting to make everyday Earth Day, is a nice green step in the right direction.

Mr Green did a lovely job in their performance, with directions an inspiration to the gentlemen who stood on the side of Chuck D, Terminator X and Flava Flav.

The only difference is that they wear black, and Chuck D, Terminator X and Flava Flav has been exchanged with a Green Vehicle..

But the Green Vehicles also come in Black.

And Miss Green is way more attractive..

They also come as SUV's

In White.

The above LOMAX was also part of the first version of CO2 E Drive in New York 2011 and functioned as a brush when performing the Virtual GPS Tagging Performance. A performance that will be saved for next year, but this then with Bikes.

Max Wilcox from the Methacton Senior High School talks about the LOMAX

Peter Yuskauskas from NYCE Wheels shows his brilliant electric city folding bike.

And a video that gives you all the details

The Electric Department of Sanitation Truck

The Black Toyota Prius from Enterprise Car Share.

With a sweet EMO girl taking down names, like there was no tomorrow.

The New York Police Ford Focus

The GMC Electric Truck

The Parks Department Hybrid Truck

And of course the White Trash Truck. Please notice Mr Green in the back of the truck, peeking out from behind.

Then there was Robbert Zoon from Dutch Bough Bikes - a wooden bike designed in Holland.

Bough Bikes 'Be Moved By Nature' - Commercial from Erik Journee on Vimeo.

More about Bough Bikes HERE 

Joe Depace is a local New Yorker who goes out and documents what is going on in his city. Enjoy Joe's talk-over throughout his above film done on Union Square on Earth Day 2014.

Above the official Earth Day 2014 video, talking about "Greening" our cities.

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