Thursday, September 12, 2013


 A large selection of international artists will be the building foundation of SA_EVA (Sound Art for Electric Vehicles Association) and on April 5th 2013, they Occupied Sound for Electric Vehicles in general, forever after.

 If they had not done this, the area would have been completely taken over by the Car Industry. This is a whole new arena for the Art of Sound, and should be dedicated to creating a new outlet for Sound Art. Sound that both has a practical use in traffic, but also plays inside the Electric Vehicle for the driver. Free Artistic expression relating to the Intentional Art Concept Framework of CO2 Green Drive, will be part of the final exhibition of the project, where the Sound aspect will have an essential role.

The opening event for the launch of SA_EVA (Eva was of course also the first woman in the Bible) was held at Dome of Visions (above) as part of a CO2 Green Drive event held there. Of course a Tesla was parked outside, to give the audience an understanding what this Electric Car hype is all about...

See the above image in motion below:

In the above video with SA_EVA artists Søren Raagaard, Yann Coppier and Runar Magnusson performing at the event, a piece they call "All about Water".

The lovely "All About Water" E - Flyer

 Runar (above) had earlier in the day told about his vision of future electric cars playing the sound of Water through speakers placed in the cars. A sound that could be downloaded from the online
 SA_EVA Sound Library.

The above video was used as a social media teaser for the various videos that was made in connection to the events at Dome of Vision with both the CO2 Green Drive Project and The Triangle Project. They were filmed by Maj Christensen and some of them was also filmed by TV Marinated TV, as the one above Maj's above video, with the "All about Water" performance and the one below with Gry.

Gry Bagøien is another SA_EVA artist who was also part of The Triangle Project in Istanbul 2007.

Above DJ Hvad is another artists in the Association.

Plans are underway to exhibit the artists of SA_EVA in St Petersburg in the spring of 2014.

For more about  April 5th 2013 go HERE

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