Wednesday, October 3, 2012


Clean Air Initiative for Asian Cities Center (CAI-Asia) and Clean Air Network (CAN) in Hong Kong’s plans to produce the CO2 Green Drive project in connection with the Better Air Quality 2012 (BAQ) Conference held in Hong Kong on 5-7 December 2012.

So, instead of making a "CO2" tag, an "AIR" tag has been produced.
Read more about the event that is called "Clean Air Drive" on the official BAQ page HERE

The conference is co-organized by the Clean Air Initiative for Asian Cities (CAI-Asia), Hong Kong Environmental Protection Department, and Hong Kong Polytechnic University (above image), in partnership with the Asian Development Bank and World Bank.

BAQ 2012 ( is the leading event on air quality in Asia, covering transport, energy, industry and climate change, with a particular emphasis on government policies and measures.

The above image is of Hong Kong's "Zero Carbon Building", where the Tagging Performance will start. See more HERE

Policy makers and practitioners meet at BAQ to network, learn and share experiences. Past BAQs have proven to influence policies, initiate new projects and establish partnerships. The BAQ 2012 theme is “Growing Cities, Healthy Cities” reflecting the challenge of creating livable cities with blue skies and a low carbon footprint in the face of increasing urbanization in Asia, and ensuring that people’s health is no longer affected by poor air quality.

Jacob Fuglsang Mikkelsen will also hold a presentation about CO2 Green Drive at  the Danish Exhibition Area’s Speakers Corner” on December 6th at 15.50, in connection to the Hong Kong Business of Design Week (HKBoDW) 

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