Tuesday, March 22, 2016


EVIM International Project is an initiative aimed to the creation few national EVIM events and holding them on a regular basis in few different countries with emerging EV markets. EVIM target geography includes: Ukraine, Poland, Hungary, Romania, Turkey
The EVIM, The Electric Vehicles and Infrastructure Meeting, is founded by joint efforts of GreenClinic LifeScience Global OÜ (Estonia) www.greenclinicglobal.com and Green Clinic Scientific Research Centre, Ukraine www.greenclinic.com.uaEVIM is also permanent organizing committee for all the EVIM and related events with common mission.EVIM events mission is to bring sustainable transport in a wide everyday usage by developing the market and expanding the infrastructure.
The General Agenda of all the EVIM events for 2016 year includes:
  • The Market
  • The Infrastructure
  • The Business environment
  • The Best practices and examples of success
  • The Technology
The experience of the sustainable business practice of the EVIM organizers allows erase the distances and break the barriers on the way to the EV market. EVIM is created to reduce carbon footprint from human activity. The events itself supports these principles by maximizing achievement of the impact from the goals through a vast number of modern instruments. That is a reason we almost do not use the paper and provide high-end remote participation facilities in events. These features also allow EVIM to cut the miles of distances to milliseconds of high speed video-conference, so that everyone who cannot physically attend the event has a chance to participate, take a speech, make a presentation and take part in panel from any place of the world.

The CO2 Green Drive Stand Up Show will also be presented at various locations around Kiev, such as the above with the super cool people from NIICE who produces the Creative Management Camp.

Check out the above video!

Creative Management Camp is run by the Co-founder of Public Science and CEO & Founder at NIICE Arianna Khmelniuk, seen above holding Warhol's banana in the air.

CO2 Green Drive's participation in Kiev is supported by The Danish Embassy in Kiev. Their statement about the support: "Projects about sustainable transport play directly into the ambition of Denmark to become independent of fossil fuels by 2050. This ambition is backed by an ambitious policy framework and a multiple-solutions approach. One of the approaches is the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ and the Danish Culture Agency’s backing of sustainability projects – Sustainabilitybeing one of three major focus areas besides Children and Young People and Dialogue, Democracy and Participation".

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