Sunday, June 10, 2012


Horsens is the third city in Denmark where CO2 Green Drive has been performed following Copenhagen (2009 and 2011) and Roskilde (2010) and was done at the exact same time as it was done in New York City across the pond.

Horsens was special since Denmark has the EU presidency in the first half of 2012 and Horsens served as the venue for a major European event on 20
th April where EU ministers gathered to talk about sustainability as part of a broad agenda. See more in the above video.

In the above image Ida Auken, who is the Minister of Environment on one of the 100 Pink Bikes that was produced as part of Horsen's way of combining the story that they also hosted the start of Giro d’Italia around the same time, with the sustainability message of the bicycle.

CO2 Green Drive coincided with both the EU Ministers conference and the Earth Day events in New York, bringing about leverage and a global touch; a major rationale in the CO2 Green Drive concept. Above the start of the CO2 ride through the streets of Horsens.

The events in Horsens included 150 bicycles arriving from Aarhus/Denmark after cycling 50 kilometers and additional 50 bicycles joining in Horsens. In the middle of above photo is Christopher Lux from Karmakanonen, one of the many longtime collaborators of the project who also particpated with his good Karma and music producing solar powered bike. Above Christophers head you can see the CO2 tag that was made by the
 Smartphone APP and screened on a jumbo screen so the audience could follow the many particpants live.

7 electric vehicles from Horsens Energi was also part of the CO2 route through the city.

There was produced three different videos. The above by TV Horsens

The above by Tour De Future Horsens

And the above video about the "Tour De Future" concept in general.

Check out the above Bike Mix Tape that was made in this connection by Tour De Future.

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