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The video of the day made by Casper Strunge and his team from &FILM, collaborating with the Drone Master Thomas Knudsen from Epic Media, calling the shots from above.

The Electric Bridge sticker who was placed in the windshield of each participant of the Attempt. The logo was designed by the Danish legendary Graphic Designer Sten Jauer of LAND DESIGN LAB.

The line of Electric Cars on the Øresund Bridge going into the tunnel of Peberholmen by John Krøll from Virtual Works

See the above 360 Earth Peberholmen Mashup as an interactive experience HERE

See the above 360 Earth Spiral Mashup as an interactive experience  HERE

The Parking Lot at Field's was the canvas for the Spiral of Electric Cars. 

The inspiration for the Spiral is Sacred Geometry and the Fibonacci Spiral that is a universally occurring concept in nature and all life forms.

The inspiration also came from a simple google search for "car" and "spiral" where the above image popped up.

Having the inspiration in place, it was key to also figure out how it could be documented from above. When talking to Thomas Knudsen, who is one of Denmark's best Drone Operators, it became clear that the Spiral should be documented by Thomas and his magic Drone, as seen above.

Color coordination was attempted, and worked, at least in the middle where an Orange Dot was created.
Now the question is, if we shall turn in an application for the record for the worlds largest "Spiral made out of Electric Cars".

Above Jesper Hyuk Larsen, who is the in-house photographer for CO2 Green Drive and The Traingle Project. In it, he is on a B BIKE and part of the Mr Green Performance, that was done on Union Square in April 2014. See more of Jesper's photography below:

Vice-President of the Copenhagen City Council and spokesperson Lars Weiss (S) standing next to a Tesla Roadster. Lars also represented and talked about the Fehmarn Belt Days, along with the Eco Friendly Highway between Germany, via Denmark, through Sweden to Norway. (photo Jesper Hyuk Larsen)

Steven DeVincent and his partner US Ambassador Rufus Gifford participated in a Tesla Model S.
(photo Jesper Hyuk Larsen)

Rufus also held a speech at Copenhagen Pride on Rådhuspladsen earleir in 2014, speaking both Danish and English to the cheering crowd.

Jakob Hougaard (S), Vice President of Engineering and the Environment in the City of Copenhagen. He participated with his own Nissan Leaf, being an avid and authentic electric car driver, along with representing Sharing Copenhagen.

Jens Mandrup from The Capital Region of Denmark also joined the day representing Copenhagen Electric and the Capital Region's Electric Car Initiatives.

The Los Angeles based Danish Actress and Film Producer Kristina Korsholm drove the above Tesla Roadster, putting the pedal to the metal of the drag race capable Electric Jetplane, flying over the Øresund Brige on the way to Malmø. It had to be charged urgently, so it would even be able to get back over the bridge again for the attempt 2 hours later.

The two hours were spent visiting and joining forces with Øresund Electric Car Rally, that had their closing event on the Hyllie Station Square next to Emporia. They also helped Kristina with charging her, or actually Carl Nielsen from Clear Drive's Roadster. We were happy to hear that our good friend Martin Messer Thomsen of EV TEST won the 2014 Rally! Se more images from the 2014 Øresund Electric Car Rally in Malmø HERE. Thanks to Per Lundgren of OECR and his wonderful Swedish Team!

On top of the Emporia Rooftop, there was Yellow Plexi Glass that gave the tinted view over the Øresund Bridge, Turning Torso and Kronprinsen. All well known skyline profiles of Malmø, even if many still miss the Kockums Crane that once dominated the skies of the city.

Once the participants of the Attempt came back to the Field's parking lot and completed the Spiral Formation, there was SOUP. The Potato Soup, with bacon and bread was made by Ærø Chef Keld Fuglsang Mikkelsen and Copenhagen Chef Lotte Monberg and sponsored by the BILKA inside of Field's.
Their slogan for the day was "BILKA LI ELBILER".

After a flash of rain, right when the participants took off from the Field's parking lot, it got dark and the day was over. Did we set a Guinness World Record? At this writing moment we are not sure. There was 218 participating Electric Cars in the day and 160 could be 100% verified by KPMG being part of the parade and were re-checked and counted as the left the Field's parking lot. Please stay tuned for new updates soon.

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