Tuesday, December 18, 2012


NO GRAFFITI - I saw this sign while getting Police Escort through the streets of Hong Kong doing my TAG...that essentially is "Virtual Graffiti" as performance with GPS as Paint, Electric Cars as Paintbrushes or Spray Cans and the City as Canvas or Wall. However, no arrests were made.

The Police Escort went in front, around and behind the caravan of vehicles, stopping traffic, letting us go through Red Lights and making sure the performance went Smooth.

The Streets in Hong Kong on a Sunday was full of people on their way to Shopping at places like Mega Box and other Mega Outlets for massive amounts of consumption.

Lovely views of mountains surrounding Hong Kong. The Taxi's are old and some of the most polluting vehicles in the streets of the city. However, there are Electric and Hybrid Taxi's on the way onto the streets of Hong Kong in 2013.

A Curved Line of Electric Cars


Hello Mr. Police Man!

Hong Kong Street Side Hipsters

Red and Blue Lights

The End - Back into the Zero Carbon Building Area

The Electric Vehicles 

100% Electric!

RH 853

One of the over 150 Bikers that did the Performance

The CO2 Green Drive GPS App that Painted the AIR Tag, created by Henrik Gilvad AKA The Gilvader

The Final Version of the AIR Tag - A Virtual Graffiti Performance!

The Hong Kong Jockey Club Biker Team

This is Us!

Thanks to Yuling Jia (above with Yrs Truly) and her wonderful Clean Air Network Team for making it all happen!

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