Thursday, July 22, 2010


Many wonderful things came together on July 4th when the project was produced in the city of Roskilde and at the Roskilde Festival.

Video by Andreas Brandrup Elkjær

The above CO2 painting over Roskilde was made by the 7 year old Sasha Estella Fuglsang Mikkelsen and a follow-up event for children will take place again in Roskilde in connection with the installation of the permanent LED Light route through the city.

The White Tesla from Vind Energy and the White Melex from Svenningsen's on display at the morning Electric Car Exhibition on the main square of Roskilde City, with the Roskilde Cathedral in the background where Danish King's and Queens have been buried for centuries.


There was also a small exhibition of the cars and a scooter in front of the Roskilde Municipality Building. The second car in line after the red Citroen was a solar powered car from Ben & Jerry's.

Captian Hope held his now classic Ode to Ra or "The Sunny Happy People Speech"

Mr. Green and his Climate Clowns and Crew performed for the Roskilde children at the nearby Public Library, on the Square and all over the Roskilde Festival.

Mr. Green was also in charge of the PAINT in the form of color coded GPS devices to be installed in all the vehicles part of the painting performance.

The Cars (The Brushes) performing the painting performance through the streets of Roskilde.

Singing the Energy Song inside of the ARRIVA Electric bus on the route.

The Electric Scooters and Electric Motor Cykles driving behind the bus.

The Roskilde Festival Th!nk City Car driving in front of the caravan on it's way into the Festival Area with the Twin Towers in the back ground.

The Melex with a Mr. Green on the back and the Segway entering the Roskilde Festival area.

Chris Paine (Director of the documentary "Who Killed the Electric Car") interviewing Esben Danielsen from Roskilde Festival for his short film to be screened at COP16 in Cancun.

The Danish Climate Minister Lykke Friis came by and got a green nose by Mr. Green and declared: "CANCUN CAN!"

Along with driving the Green Electric Scooter with a smile!

The CO2 E - Race Roskilde Crew was happy in the end of the day and later went to go and see the artist currently known as:

..Prince, and he was Funky!

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